GT21 Wide Series Graphical Operator Terminal (HMI) from Mitsubishi

GT25 Handy Series from Mitsubishi
The GT2107 Wide series is a compact and cost-effective 7" wide-screen graphical operator terminal with WVGA resolution, and is available with either a black or silver bezel. The GT2107 Wide models include many great interactive features and are a perfect fit for mid-size to small applications where there is a requirement for high resolution graphics.

GT21 Wide Series Graphical Operator Terminal (HMI) Benefits

  • Improved Visibility – The wide-screen elegant body style presents a large amount of information with a high picture quality.
  • Remote Connectivity – VNC Server enables remote access on GT2107 Wide allowing users to view data in real time or operate system using tablets or personal computer.
  • 2 USB Ports (Device and Host) – Convenient to transfer projects, access data logging, and connect mouse or keyboard (host compatible devices).
  • Interactive Display – Seamless integration with Mitsubishi Electric devices, such as inverters, servos, and robots, for monitoring and parameter adjustments. The terminal can also be connected to various industrial devices and offers many connection types.
  • Maintenance Platform – On-demand portal for accessing system information such as device monitoring, program backup and restore function, and servo maintenance.
  • Smart Analysis – Collect data from PLC controllers and other devices and display it in graph or list configuration for further system performance analysis.

GT21 Wide Series Graphical Operator Terminal (HMI) Features

  • Wide Display - Incorporate more information on the screen, such as graph analysis over time, additional alarm information which is more descriptive, and extend your display using the advanced menu option. The main goal is to create stunning operator screens with as much information as possible to improve system operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
  • Enhanced Graphics - The antialiasing hardware feature enhances graphics on GT2107 Wide. It allows displaying text clearly and overall improves visibility of displayed HMI screens.
  • VNC Server (Remote Desktop) - Remote operation functionality is useful for production monitoring and operation, but also serves as a powerful maintenance function. VNC enables you to remotely access and securely control the GOT from your office or production floor using tablet devices or a personal computer. VNC also provides access to the utility menu on the GOT.
  • GOT Drive - GT2107 Wide includes advanced drive control connectivity functions for MR-J4 and MR-JE Series servo systems. The goal is to minimize startup time, adjustment, and maintenance work of servo amplifiers by eliminating the need for a personal computer.

Download Mitsubishi GT21 Wide Series Graphical Operator Terminal (HMI) Datasheet

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