MELSERVO-J4 Direct Drive Servo Motors from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi MR-J4 Direct Drive Servo Motors
Direct Drive motors combine the accuracy and control of a servo motor with the axial and lateral load capacity of a traditional mechanical support system. This direct connection provides higher rigidity, lower noise, increased efficiency, accurate positioning, and removes sources of mechanical wear in a drive system. The motor’s low profile design and performance allow customers to build more compact, stable, and precise machines. This motor is suitable for index tables used in semiconductor manufacturing, liquid crystal manufacturing, and machine tool applications. The direct drive motor and servo amplifier confirm to global standards (EN, UL, and cUL standards).

MR-J4 Direct Drive Servo Motor Features

  • High performance with the latest technologies
  • Compact and low-profile design
  • High-resolution absolute position encoder
  • Hollow shaft diameter range: ø20 mm to 104 mm
  • For higher machine performance and easier use
  • For flexible machine configurations
  • New low-profile Direct Drive Motor TM-RG2M Series and TM-RU2M Series
  • Flange Type (with Pilot) and Table Type (with Positioning Pin Holes)
  • Increased rated and maximum torques

MR-J4 Direct Drive Servo Motor Applications

  • Coating and vapor deposition systems
  • Spin-type cleaning systems for FPD/semiconductor
  • LCD/semiconductor testing systems (XYθ tables)
  • Index table for machine tools
  • Rotary axis for polishing systems
  • Rotary axis for material handling robots

Download Mitsubishi MR-J4 Direct Drive Servo Motors Datasheet

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