LS7-9 LED Signal Tower from Patlite

LS7-9 70mm LED Signal Tower from Patlite
Meat/poultry/fish processing facilities need to keep equipment clean of salmonella and other bacterial issues. This requires high-pressure & high-temperature washdowns to eliminate bacteria growth. As a result, many signal towers and other components get damaged and have to be replaced. A faulty signal tower compromises safety and run time. The signal tower is a key part of your operation and is used to tell machine operators the status of the machine. If the user has a faulty signal tower, they are not running efficiently and they may be missing some vital cues that keep the process running smoothly.

Suited for hygienic and sanitary applications in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, the LS7-9 features a sleek, smooth surface design rated to IP69K for withstanding harsh washdown operations.

The days of covering signal towers and other sensitive components with plastic bags before washdowns are over with the LS7-9 LED Signal Tower

LS7-9 LED Signal Tower Features

  • Smooth-Surfaced Body Protection: Our smooth surface body design reduces the adhesion of water, dust, and other contaminants. The body structure covers screws, shafts, etc, that otherwise would be exposed. This is ideal for applications in the lithium ion battery manufacturing, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries. The cover is made of shock-resistant polycarbonate, reducing the risk of environmental stress cracks.
  • Dynamic High-Contrast Visibility: Our inner lens LED emits a more even and efficient light. The contrast is increased when the Signal Tower lights up or flashes, with a distinguishable signal color that dramatically improves visibility.
  • Quality You Can Count On: The LS7-9 has passed various tests for water resistance, dust, temperature, and variable vibration frequency tests to ensure performance in a variety of environments.
  • M2 Connector Wiring Simplicity: The stackable design and M12 quick disconnect connector (Cable Sold Seperately) can drastically reduce labor and time-making removing and relocating smoother.  Lead wiring is also available.
  • Outstanding Buzzer Sound: The alarm for the LS7-9 was designed with special fequencies so it can be heard above the noise of cutting machines.
  • Food-Grade 1/2" NPT Bracket: Made of Delrin. Easy to mount with a 1/2" NPT Pole. 

LS7-9 LED Signal Tower from Patlite Specifictations

LS7-9 LED Signal Tower from Patlite Specifications


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