AVENTICS™ Series AS3-SV Directional Safety Valves

The AVENTICS Series AS3-SV consist of redundant 3/2 valves with external pilot and spring return according to the requirements of ISO 13849-1-2 for safety functions safe exhaust” and prevention against unexpected start-ups”. The valve only activates compressed air supply when all conditions for a safe system start-up have been met. Protection against unexpected pressurization stops the cylinder from being actuated unintentionally, preventing potential accidents. In the event of a machine fault or emergency OFF, the valve exhausts the operating lines, ensuring a de-energized and thus safe state. The AS3-SV is ideal for use in door switches and light barriers and as a safety module for emergency OFF applications.

AVENTICS™ Series AS3-SV Directional Safety Valves

AVENTICS™ Series AS3-SV Directional Safety Valves Features

  • Category 4 performance level “e” according to ISO 13849-1
  • Adjustable soft start function via throttle screw
  • G1/4 port for pressure gauge or pressure sensors PE5
  • 5 LED displays for function monitoring and diagnosis
  • Electrical connection via M12 plug

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