Parker XFC Series Extreme Force Roller Screw Driven Electric Cylinders

Parker is pleased to introduce a new family of high thrust electric cylinders featuring roller screw drive technology. Te XFC Series further extends the feature rich and force dense ofering of Parker’s electric cylinder products. The XFC Electric Cylinder is designed to provide machine builders a high force electromechanical solution: offering long life, minimal maintenance, low operating costs, and structural rigidity. All this, in addition to Parker’s world class customer service and industry leading delivery times.

As a worldwide leader in fuid power cylinder products, Parker has combined the best of both worlds into one unique product. All the benefts of electromechanical control and cleanliness combined with the structural rigidity and durability of a traditional hydraulic tie rod cylinder.

Parker XFC Series Design Features

  • Pre-engineered package
  • Performance matched components
  • Environmental protection
  • Laser certifed precision
  • All steel construction with standard metric hydraulic type tie rod construction for durability, stiffness, and rigidity
  • Elastomeric seals throughout with no gaskets for complete sealing
  • Opposed preloaded angular contact bearings for bi-directional force capability
  • Roller screw drive system for increased life, load, and shock loading capabilities
  • Inline and parallel gear drive confgurations for full transfer of thrust force
  • Parker Stealth family advanced planetary gearheads direct mount to cylinder for standard reduction options from 3:1 to 10:1 with 100:1 available
  • Parker MPP Series brushless servo motors for complete Parker system solution with gearhead, motor, drive, and controls
  • Rod wiper and seal based on proven TS2000 design and composite rod bearing designed to survive rugged environments with minimal maintenance for the life of the cylinder
  • High mechanical efficiency up to 90%
  • Strokes up to 2000mm
  • Extreme thrust force up to 356,000 N / 80,000 lbs
  • Repeatability up to ±0.03mm
  • Speeds up to 1016 mm/s
  • Six metric profle sizes: 075, 090,115,140,165, 190
  • Anti-rotate option

Parker XFC Series Flexibility & Versatile Programmability

In applications where high loads are required, roller screws ofer a very attractive solution:
  • Servo motors and controls feature simplifed programming
  • Electromechanical control systems provide infinite programmability
  • Performance advantages not easily obtained by comparable fuid power technology include multiple move profles, adjustable acceleration and deceleration, force control, and absolute positioning capabilities

These features allow the system to easily adapt to changing application conditions and performance requirements with minimal modifcation.

Parker XFC Design Consideration

Due to the reduced number of components required for a complete system, the commissioning time required for operation is signifcantly reduced relative to comparable fuid power systems. This allows system builders to quickly install, troubleshoot, and test system capabilities faster and more reliably than other alternatives.

Additionally machine break-down and set-up can be accomplished with relative ease and without concern of hydraulic fuid spillage.

Environmental Considerations
With electromechanical system technology, fluid leaks, filter changes, and air bleeding are a thing of the past. Simply mount the cylinder, plug in the cables, download a program and you are up and running in record time.

Anti-rotation can now be achieved in XFC actuators thanks to a new design that incorporates a keying feature on the internal surface of the tubular body. This option can be configured through our standard part number structure.

Roller screw cylinder systems require little or no maintenance when compared to their fuid power alternatives, while still delivering long life and high performance. Series XFC cylinders are designed to be low maintenance with the factory installed full synthetic lubrication. For high duty cycle applications (>50%), oil flled cylinders are available with ports for recirculation as required.

Planetary roller screws offer distinct benefits over traditional ball screw and lead screw mechanisms, and add features not easily attainable with hydraulic or pneumatic linear devices.

A planetary roller screw transmits rotary motion into linear motion similar to a ball or lead screw. The key difference in the roller screw design is the use of planetary rollers in place of ball bearings as the primary rolling elements.

The planetary rollers provide an increased number of contact surfaces between the external screw shaft and the internal threads of the roller nut relative to traditional ball or lead screw technology. The expanded number of contact points allow for:
  • Enhanced thrust capacity— 5X more thrust!
  • Enhanced load carrying capabilities
  • Higher speeds than traditional hydraulic cylinders
  • Greatly extended life — 10X longer life!

Download Parker Electric Cylinders Datasheet

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