Vacuum Cups from Vaccon

Vaccon offers a wide range of vacuum cup styles, materials, sizes and capabilities. Fittings in multiple styles are available individually or as a cup assembly for each cup group. The dual durometer and non-marking cups have their own fitting groups.

Vacuum Cups from Vaccon Comparison Chart

Cup TypeProduct ImageDescriptionFeatures and Benefits


Bellows cups have a pliable outer rim that will conform to curved or uneven surfaces while the bellows sections compensate for inconsistent stack heights. Under vacuum the accordion-style bellows cup will collapse on contact. The collapsing action simulates a short cylinder stroke lifting the product for a short distance, possibly saving the need for a separate lifting mechanism.
  • Single and multi bellows models
  • Vinyl, silicone, ntirile, and chloroprene materials
  • Optional oil resistant vinyl and polyurenthane material
Dual Durometer
Dual Durometer


Dual Durometer Cups are a durable combination of polyurethane with 30 and 60 durometers (stiffness), offering long wear and excellent sealing capability for uneven and porous surfaces. Available in single and double bellows models.
  • Single and double bellows
  • 15 to 70 mm widths
  • Uses Group 45


Egg Cups safely handle delicate, round objects such as eggs and ceramics and can be used in the food processing and fiber optic testing industries.
  • Available in 34 mm diameter models in red and translucent silicone, 2.5 bellows
  • 37 mm red silicone model with 5.5 bellows
Flat and Universal
Flat and Universal


Flat cups without cleats are strong and flexible and work well in applications that do not require lifting heavy loads. Flat cups with cleats are strong with a rigid, low profile that will lift heavy loads vertically. Well suited for smooth, flat, heavy objects such as steel, glass (television picture tubes) and coated corrugated.

Universal cups can handle flat or slightly curved surfaces.
  • Flat cups with cleats lift without “peeling” away from the product surface or deforming the object
Metal Detectable
Metal Detectable


Metal Detectable Cups have bits of metal embedded into the cup silicone material, used where contamination is a concern, such as in food processing. If pieces break off, they can be found with in-line metal detection equipment.
  • 40/42 mm in red or blue silicone, 4.5 bellows
  • 30 mm flat model with cleats
  • FDA approved material for use in food processing
Non Marking
Non marking


Non-marking Ultra-flat Cups are made of natural rubber and do not leave marks. Ideal for pick & place handling of foils, films, and glass in the semiconductor, solar/photovoltaics & electronics industries.
  • Available in 20, 40, 60, 80 and 140 mm diameters
  • Uses Group NM


Like cleated cups, Oval cups have heavy load capabilities due to their rigid design and large vacuum work area. Oval cups have the largest lifting force because they provide the most surface area for a given footprint.
  • Include aluminum insert with 1 or 2 NPT female fittings
  • Standard vinyl material with optional oil resistant vinyl grey silicone and polyurenthane
Ultra Miniature
Ultra Miniature


Ultra-Miniature Cups are ideal for use in picking up extremely small parts such as computer chips, Ultra-miniature cups may be used in laboratory and food processing environments.
  • 0.09" to 0.75" (2.4 to 19.1 mm) outer diameter
  • Available in high temperature silicone and ESD-safe silicone or BUNA-N

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