AVENTICS™ Series 651, 652, 653 Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators

Aventics™ Series 651, 652, 653 Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators
The AVENTICS™ Series 651, 652, 653 is an easy-to-install line of pneumatic filters, regulators, and lubricators (FRLs) that offer the industry´s highest flow rates and widest temperature ratings. Available in 1/8-inch, and 1/4-inch port sizes, these FRLs are ideal for automotive and tire, packaging, food and beverage, and process applications requiring highly reliable operation and robust, modern-looking equipment.

AVENTICS™ Series 651, 652, 653 Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators Features

The AVENTICS™ 651, 652, 653 range of air preparation equipment include particulate and coalescing filters, regulators, filter regulators, lubricators, shut-off valves, and a variety of accessories and assembly kits. The range is one of the widest offerings of air preparation products available from one supplier.
  • The industry´s highest flow rates assure OEMs and maintenance managers that their air preparation products will optimize machine performance.
  • Extended high- and low-temperature capabilities (-40° C to 80° C) allow the FRLs to be specified across a broad range of applications, including those within harsh environments.
  • New manifold endplate flanges allow the maintenance technician to pull the manifold assembly out of service without disconnecting the piping.
  • Front-facing easy-to-read, low-profile gauges improve serviceability. They are the only products of their type to offer these gauges on shut-off isolation valves and slow-start/quick-exhaust valves.
  • Optional pressure regulator with reverse flow check permits placement of the regulator between the valve and cylinder - allowing air to be exhausted through the regulator without causing damage or reduced life.
  • Optional integrated pressure range indicators allow the user to easily set the red/green colour indicators to the desired pressure range.
AVENTICS™ Series 651, 652, 653 Air Preparation Products Range Overview

Download AVENTICS™ 650 Series Air Preparation System Datasheet

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