Parker E-Series Closed Loop Stepper Systems

The new eCL series introduces simple and precise closed loop control to Parker’s microstepping product platform. Available in two driver form factors, standard (4Arms) and mini (2Arms), the eCL system optimizes performance with a wide array of stepper motors with integrated encoder feedback (Nema8, 11, 14, 17, 23, 60mm).

The eCL system maintains the inherent advantages of stepper control (high torque, stiffness, responsiveness, stability, no dither, simplicity) while eliminating common disadvantages (stalling, energy usage, motor temp, high speed operation, positional accuracy) through the addition of an innovative closed loop control algorithm.

The eCL system is an innovative closed loop stepper motor and controller that utilizes motor mounted feedback to constantly monitor shaft position. Actual motor shaft position data is updated every 25 microseconds allowing the drive to compensate for sudden load changes ensuring accurate position control.
  • In-position output signals controller that move is complete
  • Prevents stalls thru position monitoring
  • Alarm signal to controller if overload results in motor stalling
  • Reduced motor heating and energy usage

Drive Specifications

No tuning, no hunting

Unlike traditional closed loop servo systems, the eCL system requires no tuning. Gains have been optimized for the motor/drive combination to insure smooth and stable motion.

Once the eCL motor reaches its target position, the rotor locks into place at a perfect standstill. Traditional servo motors typically hunt between encoder pulses at standstill which could adversely affect applications requiring zero vibration.

Download E-Series Closed Loop Stepper Systems Datasheet

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