Adjustable Air Amplifiers / Blowers from Vaccon

Adjustable Air Amplifiers / Blowers from Vaccon
Vaccon Air Amplifiers easily and safely handle porous objects that many consider too challenging to handle with vacuum. Vaccon air amplifiers are field-adjustable to meet your process or product specifications. With its inline, straight through design – dirt and debris pass right through, there’s no clogging, no downtime.

CDF Series for Air Blower Applications: High Output Flow

The CDF Series vacuum generator efficiently generates a high vacuum flow and a high exhaust flow using a small amount of compressed air, with amplification ratios up to 40:1 (output to input). CDF's are ideal for applications that require high levels of flow such as the rapid evacuation of fumes, blow drying wet materials, or to cool hot areas and/or materials.

CDF Series for Material Handling Applications: High Vacuum Flow

CDF Series air amplifiers generate high vacuum flow, overcoming leaks inherent in handling porous objects such as cardboard, foam or fabric. CDF air amplifiers safely transfer irregularly shaped items, with or without a vacuum cup. Rigid cups, for use with the CDF Series are available specialty materials such as UHMW polyethylene, Teflon® and Delrin®.

For chemical compatibility, heat and environmental requirements, food and medical applications, custom materials are available: stainless steel, Delrin®, Teflon®, PVC, and more. A solenoid valve may be incorporated for instant on/off control so that CDF’s operate only when air is needed.

Adjustable Air Amplifiers / Blowers from Vaccon Specifications

  • Field adjustable for individual applications
  • High performance – 40:1 amplification ratio
  • Holds porous materials securely
  • Easy to install – compact & lightweight
  • Efficient – Instant response, minimal energy required
  • Energy efficient, unlike regenerative blowers that must run continuously
  • Safe operation:
    • No heat generated
    • Control output pressure, no bursting
  • Reliable & durable – operates trouble-free:
    • Ideal for adverse operating conditions
    • No moving parts to wear
    • Straight-through design, non-clogging
    • No downtime

Adjustable Air Amplifiers / Blowers from Vaccon Features

  • Generator Material:  Anodized Aluminum 
  • Medium:  Filtered (50 micron) un-lubricated, non-corrosive dry gases
  • Operating Temperature:  -100° to ~400°F [-73° to ~204°C]
  • Operating Pressure:  Variable – For maximum performance, Vaccon recommends 50 PSI [3.4 bar] and above

Download Adjustable Air Amplifiers / Blowers from Vaccon Datasheet

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