CCM Conveyor Control Motor + IAI Electric Actuators

IAI’s new CCM (Conveyor Control Motor) is perfect for applications where air cylinders are extensively used for conveyor transportation.  The conveyor motor functions and rollers can both be powered by IAI products.  The CCM Conveyor Control Motor along with IAI’s Electric Actuators is the ultimate dynamic duo for efficient and reliable conveyor transportation!

Advantages of Motor Roller:

Energy-Saving Effects
  • Save energy by powering down when there is nothing on the line
  • Motor + inverter etc. are basically continuously running on conveyors without motor rollers
No Stopper Required
  • If you want to stop the conveyor, just stop the rollers!

CCM Conveyor Control Motor Merit:

Maintenance Parts
  • Motor rollers require different spare parts for each conveyor width
  • CCM units have the same spare parts regardless of conveyor width
Common Controls
  • CCM can connect to R-Unit as well, making it possible to use them with other IAI products

CCM Conveyor Control Motor Applications:

  • Short distance travel on conveyors connected with sliding up and down conveyor
  • Short distance travel before entering and after exiting the machine
  • Applications where air cylinders are extensively used for conveyor transportation
  • Compatibility when using other IAI products on the same machine

There are three types of pulleys:

  1. V ribbed belts
  2. V belt
  3. Round belt
Conveyor Control Motor Appearance


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