MELSERVO-J4 Rotary Servo Motors from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi MR-J4 Rotary Servo Motor
MR-J4 HG-Series servo motors are high performance motors offered in 100/200/400VAC up to 55kW or 48/24VDC up to 30W. Seven unique motor families are available with varied inertia and capacity ranges to meet a wide range of application needs, and selection is made easy with simple motor compatibility charts and intuitive servo sizing software.

MR-J4 HG Series Rotary Servo Motor Models

HG-KR/HG-MR: Rated speed equals 3000 r/min and maximum speed equals 6000 r/min.
HG-SR: This medium capacity, medium inertia servo motor enables stable operation.
HG-RR: This medium capacity, ultra-low inertia servo motor is perfect for high-throughput operations.
HG-JR: This medium/large capacity, low inertia servo motor is suitable for high-throughput and high-acceleration/deceleration operations.
HG-UR: This medium capacity, flat type servo motor is well suited for situations where the installation space is limited.

MR-J4 HG Series Rotary Servo Motor Features

  • Equipped with high-resolution absolute position encoder
  • Improved environmental resistance
  • Reduced torque ripple during conduction
  • Cable leading Direction

MR-J4 HG Series Rotary Servo Motor Applications

  • Semiconductor/LCD/photovoltaic manufacturing systems
  • Mounters/bonders
  • Food packaging machines
  • X-Y tables
  • Robots
  • Loaders/unloaders, feeders and sliders
  • Food processing machines (filling machine, mixer, measuring machine, etc.)
  • Press machines

Download Mitsubishi MR-J4 Rotary Servo Motors Datasheet

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