MELSERVO-J5 Series Servo Amplifier from Mitsubishi

MELSERVO-J5 Series Servo Amplifier from Mitsubishi
MR-J5 servo amplifiers allow for high-speed precise control of MR-J5 servo motors. Built-in servo functions automatically tune an axis, suppress vibrations, predict failures, support functional safety sub-functions, and enable easy trouble shooting and maintenance. Choose from single, dual, and three axis configurations and reduce servo system footprint, decreasing settling time, simplifying wiring, and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a Mitsubishi Electric Servo System.

MELSERVO-J5 Series Servo Amplifier Models

MR-J5-G: Supports Ethernet-based CC-Link IE TSN, featuring high-speed, large-capacity communication (1 Gbps). Command communication cycle of ≥ 31.25 μs and speed frequency response of 3.5 kHz enable advanced motion control.

MR-J5W2-G; MR-J5W3-G: Drives a maximum of either two or three servo motors. This simplifies wiring, saves energy, and enables a compact machine at a lower cost.

MR-J5D1-G4; MR-J5D2-G4; MR-J5D3-G4: The drive unit is a converter separate type servo amplifier (1/2/3-axis type available). Combined with an MR-CV_4 power regeneration converter unit, the drive unit can create an energy-saving servo system.

MR-J5-A General Purpose Interface-Compatible: Enables position control by pulse train command and speed/torque control by analog voltage command. The maximum command pulse frequency is 4 Mpulses/s.

MELSERVO-J5 Series Servo Amplifier Features

  • Quick and One-Touch tuning
  • Reduced energy and maximized space with simplified wiring
  • 400 V Class Drive Unit (Converter Separate Type) MR-J5D-G4
  • Energy Saving with 400 V Class Systems
  • Predicative maintenance: machine diagnosis for ball screws/linear guides, belts, and gears
  • Preventative maintenance with machine and servo amplifier life diagnosis
  • Corrective maintenance with drive recorder
  • Connection/Communication Diagnosis: Disconnection detection, servo motor incorrect wiring detection, and encoder communication diagnosis
  • Path Control: Super trace control, lost motion compensation, and path tracking model adaptive control
  • Safety Sub-Functions: safety communication via CC-Link IE TSN and STO Function Compliant with IEC/EN 61800-5-2
  • Supporting Flexible Driving System: supporting fully closed loop control as standard, scale measurement function, compliance with SEMI-F47, and touch probe function
  • Command interface: CC-Link IE TSN and EtherCAT®

Download Mitsubishi Electric Servo System Melservo-J5 Brochure

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