Secomea GateManager - Access Management Server

Secomea GateManager - Access Management Server
The Secomea GateManager is an industrial gateway server empowering you to securely manage remote access to industrial control systems and equipment. The GateManager provides a frictionless and secure way of handling your Identity and Access Management (IAM) processes in your industrial network. Certified as meeting the highest global cybersecurity standards from both an IT requirement and corporate policy perspective, GateManager ensures compliance with existing IT systems and policies.

GateManager is your central drag and drop tool for seamless user and device management, providing secure access to PLCs, HMIs and other equipment remotely. It operates as a secure termination point for LinkManager Clients and SiteManager Gateways. All encrypted traffic between LinkManager Clients and industrial devices controlled by the SiteManagers is handled by the GateManager.

With the GateManager, you get a powerful industrial gateway server to manage accounts and individualized access, fleet manage IoT gateways, configure alarms, and much more.

GateManager Hosted - Fast and Easy Remote Access

The GateManager Server hosted by Secomea is designed to deliver the convenience of fast and easy remote access via a normal web browser, while avoiding internal server setups. When you choose the GateManager cloud server platform, you receive an isolated private domain on a GateManager server, and you are ready to go.
  • No recurring charges, and support for an unlimited number of SiteManagers and user accounts
  • Create as many users as you like, whether administrators or remote access users
  • Possibility for organizing users and devices in domain structures
  • Apply Email/SMS alarms for monitoring status of your devices
  • New SiteManager updates automatically become available, but you decide when to click “update”
  • Full visibility of event audit trails and access logs

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