PRO2 Power Supply Modules from WAGO

PRO2 Power Supply Modules from WAGO
One of the ways WAGO is keeping up with the demands and requirements of different applications is with the design of the Pro 2 Power Supply. These slim line power supplies combine exceptional high-power density with excellent efficiency requiring less space in the control cabinet. The Pro 2 is setting new industry communication and parameterization benchmarks.

PRO2 Power Supply Modules Benefits:

  • Up to 96% efficiency
  • Six units ranging from 120-960 W
  • Multiple configuration possibilities
  • Featuring WAGO's exclusive high-performance TopBoost and PowerBoost capabilities
  • Extended temperature range from -40°C to +70°C

PRO2 Power Supply Modules Features:

  • Intelligent load management: TopBoost or PowerBoost provides sufficient output current at all times.
  • The efficiency champion: Efficiency up to 96.3% saves money and resources.
  • Pioneering communication: The snap-on type communication module allows continuous fieldbus communication while updating you on all status information and data.
  • Suitable for nearly any application: Many different Pro 2 parameters can easily and quickly adapt to suit your needs via software.

Download WAGO PRO2 Power Supply Modules Datasheet

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