Heartbeat® Power Supply Units with IO-Link Interface

Heartbeat® Power Supply Units with IO-Link Interface
Balluff's Heartbeat® power supply units with IO-Link interface ensure reliable and efficient power supply to sensors, actuators, controllers, and HMIs. They were developed especially for critical applications with high demands on quality, long service life, and diagnostic capability.

Their key features are especially high quality components, long service life, and built-in monitoring. A Heartbeat® status indicator LED gives local, three-color indication on the current load situation, the degree of device wear, and the remaining service life of the power supply. Alarm, stress level, and lifetime are output through the digital outputs.

Using IO-Link you can call up detailed diagnostic and status information about the device, the operating parameters, and history. The extra narrow configuration of the Heartbeat® power supply units with IO-Link interface makes it possible to have a resource-optimized control cabinet design (IP20 housing). IP67 variants for supplying power to the modules in decentralized structures in direct proximity to the consumer are also available.

Heartbeat® Power Supply Units with IO-Link Interface Features

  • 24 V, single phase
  • 60, 120, 240 and 480 W
  • Short-circuit proof with PowerBoost 150 %
  • Regulatable output voltage
  • Especially low residual ripple of the output voltage
  • Heartbeat® preventative maintenance and condition-based maintenance (Industry 4.0)
  • Further processing of all Heartbeat® information in the superordinate control and diagnostic system via IO-Link
  • LEDs for IO-Link communication
  • IO-Link communication and power supply unit galvanically isolated


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