Parker ETH Series High-Force Electric Cylinders

The ETH Series

High Force Ballscrew Driven Electric Cylinders
  • Unrivaled power density — high forces and small frame sizes
  • Sensor cables can be concealed in the profile
  • Optimized for safe handling and simple cleaning
  • Long service life
  • Reduced maintenance costs with lubricating hole in the cylinder flange
  • Pneumatic ISO flange norm
  • (DIN ISO 15552:2005-12) conformity
  • Anti-rotation device
  • Complete system from a single source: parker offers matching controllers, motors and gearheads for all ETH cylinders

The Parker ETH series is the next generation version of the well known, widely used ET Series.

The ETH design offers unrivaled power density due to larger screw and bearing designs in smaller packages. The result is a product that offers increased force output from a given frame size or increased product life at the same force output.

The ETH is a user-friendly design offered in a diversified range of configurations in order to meet specific application requirements. Motor and cylinder design versatility and flexibility make the ETH Series the most user-friendly design.

For applications where overall length requirements restrict the actuator’s footprint, the parallel motor configurations are the best solution. The parallel mount configuration is offered with multiple motor options, motor locations and motor orientations. This flexibility gives the user multiple smaller package solutions for solving applications that require increased force density in spacerestricted applications.

  1. Support Bearing
    The non-motor end of the screw is supported by a hardened polymer bushing which eliminates vibration and minimizes noise for smoother, quieter motion. This also improves precision, increases dynamic performance, and lengthens screw life.
  2. Precision Ballscrew Drive
    The ETH drive train features a Class 7 ballscrew (ISO 3408) providing low frictional resistance for smooth motion over the entire speed range. This design also ensures longer product life, excellent efficiency and a lower dB rating. The ballscrew drive provides higher speeds and force capabilities than comparably-sized alternative drive mechanisms.
  3. Unique Anti-rotation Guide
    The ETH features a unique piston rod anti-rotation device. This high quality, maintenance free polymer bushing offers robust guidance that prevents the piston rod from twisting as the rod extends and retracts.
  4. Screw Support Bearing
    A set of double stacked angular contact bearings allows high thrust forces in both extend and retract directions. This design provides high force density and minimizes backlash when changing the direction of motion.
  5. Piston Rod Support Bearing
    The piston rod is supported by an extra long rod bushing. This bushing braces the rod in all directions allowing for smooth travel with high side loading
  6. Combination Lip and Wiper Seal
    The lip and wiper seal keeps contaminants out and lubricating grease in for increased actuator life. For harsh environments, the ETH is available in a robust
    IP65 version for maximum protection.
  7. Lubrication Port
    The ETH comes standard with an integrated lubrication port located in the rear endcap of the cylinder, making scheduled maintenance quick, simple and easy. An optional lubrication bore is available in the middle of the cylinder body for applications where the integrated lubrication port is inaccessible.
  8. Extruded Cylinder Body
    The extrusion of the ETH was designed to reduce the number of negative geometry slots and grooves for a cleaner, and more environmentally friendly design. In addition to that, the ETH ships standard with sensor groove covers to help eliminate areas where debris can be trapped.
  9. Home/End of Travel Sensors
    The ETH was designed to use Parker’s Global Series sensors which mount into the dovetail grooves that run the entire length of the cylinder body. The sensors mount flush to the extrusion body, having no effect on the overall product width. The sensor cables can be concealed with dovetail groove covers giving the actuator a clean, aesthetically appealing appearance. The Global Series sensors are compatible with other Parker products, including pneumatics, helping reduce inventory and spare part complexity
  10. Permanent magnets
    All ETH cylinders are equipped with several permanent magnets integrated into the screw nut which actuate the home/end of travel sensors.
  11. High Force Timing Belt
    The parallel mount configuration utilizes a robust toothed timing belt, offering slip-free motion with minimal belt wear. The 1:1 ratio design was designed to transmit higher torques, allowing greater thrust forces at higher speeds. Contact the factory for additional timing belt ratios.
  12. Belt Tensioning
    A patent-pending belt tensioning station makes the parallel belt tensioning process quick and easy. This unique design allows for precise and repeatable tensioning, allowing for faster installation time and reduced down time.
  13. Overhung Load Adaptor
    For all parallel mounting options which do not include a gearhead, an Overhung Load Adaptor (OLA) is included as part of the actuator assembly. The OLA simplifies the motor mounting process and protects the bearings of the motor from the radial forces induced by the parallel belt tensioning.
  14. Over-stroke Bumpers
    Polyurethane over-stroke bumpers are designed in at both ends of the cylinder to protect the internal components from damage as a result of unintended crashes.

Parker ETH Series High-Force Electric Cylinders Applications

The ETH closes the gap between electromechanical and hydraulic cylinder performance, making it suitable for higher force applications where increased reliability is required in the production process.Taking the costs of the hydraulic system components into consideration, in most cases an electromechanical system such as the ETH electric cylinder offers the more economical solution. Combined with a wide choice of accessories, it offers many possibilities in the following areas of application:
  • Test equipment and laboratory
  • Valve and flap actuation
  • Pressing
  • Packaging machinery
  • Food and beverage process utomation
  • Material handling and feed systems including:
    wood and plastic working, vertical actuators for machine tool loading, textile tensioning/gripping, automotive component transport/feeding
Download Parker Electric Cylinders Datasheet

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