2006 Series TOPJOB® S Distribution Block from WAGO

2006 Series TOPJOB® S Distribution Block from Wago
Distribution solutions are a critical component in electrical installation and control panel design. WAGO’s new Push-Button and Open Tool Slot TOPJOB® S Distribution Terminal Blocks are extremely compact and designed to provide efficient potential distribution from a single terminal block. This terminal block is just 9 mm (3/8 in.) wide, allows power feed-in up to a nominal cross-section of 8 AWG (10 AWG with ferrule) and has a total of six 14 AWG outputs – the ideal addition for integrating power supplies and fuse protection. Each connection point comes with molded-in conductor entry marking, meeting the distribution terminal block requirements of many CAE systems.

Joining WAGO’s TOPJOB® S line offers Application Engineers design compatibility with all other TOPJOB® S Series products and accessories. The thin profile of this 2006 Series option conveniently mounts on DIN-35 rail, helping reduce the size of any rail  footprint. It also provides panel space savings and opening design configuration options minimizing exposure to incoming power sources. The latest addition to WAGO’s existing terminal block offerings can be ordered in four color options for intuitive field identification and design flexibility.

2006 Series TOPJOB® S Distribution Block Benefits:

  • Compact, distribution terminal design: Space savings and ability to distribute across 6 outputs
  • Operation through open tool slot: Keeps actuation tool in place for hands-free wire preparation
  • Intuitive operation through highly visible orange push-button: Clear indication of where the operating tool must be applied (pulled from another release)
  • Built in test points: Simplifies troubleshooting
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP®: Push-in of solid and ferruled conductors for faster wiring
  • Jumper retention spring: Ensures contact integrity and vibration resistance of the jumper system
  • Various jumper solutions: Adjacent, step-down for easy distribution to other TOPJOB® S family terminal blocks
  • CAGE CLAMP® technology – wire surrounded on all 4 sides by metal “cage”:  Stranded conductors are contained to current bar, ensuring reliable connection
  • Continuous marking strip: Simplifies troubleshooting with multi-line identification

2006 Series TOPJOB® S Distribution Block Features:

  • 2009-110 continuous marking strip
  • Compatible with all TOPJOB® S accessories
  • Many competitors have obsoleted open-tool slot all together
  • Marking/jumper slots align with other TOPJOB® S terminal blocks

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