AVENTICS™ Series A NFPA Interchangeable Cylinder

 AVENTICS™ Series A NFPA Interchangeable Cylinder
The AVENTICS™ Series A is a rugged aluminum NFPA interchangeable pneumatic cylinder that comes in a wide range of bore sizes and strokes. Designed for highly reliable operation in the most demanding applications, the cylinder line incorporates an extra-long graphite-filled cast iron rod bushing and a proven "T" piston seal configuration made from carboxylated nitrile with self-lubricating PTFE® compound. The A Series is easy to install with over 20 mounting styles plus a wide range of standard fittings and rod ends.

AVENTICS™ Series A NFPA Interchangeable Cylinder Features

  • Easy to mount with over 22 mounting styles available
  • Oversized wear band on the rear of the piston achieves longer life than competitive cylinders.
  • High-strength aluminum alloy tube provides a smooth corrosion-free sealing surface and excellent abrasion resistance.
  • High-strength, ductile steel piston rod has a ground, polished, and hard chrome-plated surface providing maximum bushing and seal life.
  • Tie rods are 100,000 psi minimum-yield steel for maximum holding power. Tie rod threads are rolled for strength and engagement.
  • Enhanced port design enables increased flow rate and faster breakaway.
  • Bushing retainer permits cartridge removal without disassembly.

AVENTICS™ Series A NFPA Interchangeable Cylinder Specifications

  • Bore: 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3 1/4", 4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14"
  • Operating Environment: Corrosive, Hazardous, Indoor, Outdoor, Washdown
  • Stroke: Up to 99" Max (standard)
  • Max Operating Pressure: 250 psi (air)
  • Standards / Regulations: NFPA

Download AVENTICS™ Series A NFPA Interchangeable Cylinder Datasheet

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