USAutomation Accuriss 57

Accuriss 57 Series
The Accuriss 57, as the name implies, is 57mm square. The product is available in three stack lengths, with holding torques ranging from 75 to 260 oz. in. The Accuriss 57 mounting is the standard NEMA 23 mount. The Accuriss product line can be device addressed with up to 16 devices operating off of a single RS485 interface. The part number calls out the factory preset device address, which is easily changed in the field.

The device drivers for your USB, the Accuriss programming enviornment, the Accuriss 57 User's Manual, along with all CAD files are readily available at no charge on this web site. To provide immediate implementation of the Accuriss 57, USAutomation offers a start up kit which contains, a USB to RS485 converter, a breakout board including I/O devices, a connector for the Accuriss, and a CD with everything you need to get started.
  • NEMA size 23 (57mm square) step motor
  • Drive, controller and I/O built in
  • Three stack lengths
  • Holding torque from 76 to 262 oz in
  • Robust RS485 communication
  • Short lead time
  • Up to 16 units daisy chained
  • Economically priced
  • Simple yet highly functional command language
  • S curve acceleration profiles included
  • No charge Accuriss programming environment for PC's
  • Starter Kits available

Accuriss 57 Drawing

USAutomation Accuriss 57 Drawing

Accuriss 57 Specifications

Download USAutomation Accuriss 57 Series User Manual

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