SMART Hydraulic Actuator

SMART Hydraulic Actuator
Kyntronics modular mechanical and electro-hydraulic actuator design provides the highest force-density combined with precision control in a cost-effective, an all-in-one package.

SMART Hydraulic Actuator Advantages:

All-In-One Complete Solution
  • Servo Motor, Controller, Software and Actuator
  • Factory tuned, setup & tested, ready to install

Small Footprint – Energy Efficient
  • Maximum force density; superior to electro-mechanical actuators
  • Saves energy, only consumes power on demand

Precision Servo Control
  • Accurate control of position, force and speed

Eliminates the HPU, Hoses and other Components
  • No leak points, saves space, much quieter than hydraulics
  • Lower cost, less engineering and manufacturing time

Reliable and Durable
  • No metal-to-metal wear points unlike roller or ball screw actuators
  • Resists shock loads
  • A totally closed system results in minimal maintenance

SMART Hydraulic Actuator Custom Configurations

SMART Hydraulic Actuator

Our applications engineers work with your team to configure the best hydraulic actuator that best meets your performance and packaging needs and that will make your product better and more competitive.

Concerned about space?  Check out the small Servo Power Units from Kyntronics.

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