Transforming Tooling from Norgren

Optimize your business's tooling for all pick-and-place material handling applications. Transforming Tooling is a series of arms driven by electric motion, providing a new way to move products in a repeatable, accurate, and reliable manner.

  • Eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring tooling costs
  • Free up hundreds of square meters of floor space
  • Eliminate manual tool change and optimize safety

​Transforming Tooling Products and Features

Press Room Destacker
Norgren Press Room Destacker Transforming Tooling
The Press Room Destacker application utilizes two-dimensional movement: in & out, and side to side. This tool is mainly configured with two- and three-joint arms, and includes double blank sensing to protect your press system.

The front of a business's press line requires lots of attention and maintenance: from ensuring that multiple blanks are not accidentally put into the press at one time to job changeovers, the process can be tedious and unsafe. 

Norgren's Transforming Tooling for the Press Room Destacker eliminates the need for manual job changeovers by automatically adjusting it's position for each job, and includes double blank sensing to protect your press from damages or crashes - so you can focus on what's important.
  • One robotic tool covers any panel the press is specified for
  • Quick tooling changeover using pre-programed jobs
  • Remote adjustment of tool armspick points- through HMI
  • Intelligent crash mitigation and instant tooling recovery

Palletizing & Packaging 

Norgren Palletizing & Packaging Transforming Tooling
Norgren's Palletizing and Packaging tool is configured with single and double-joint arms and uses two-dimensional movement to give you more flexibility in your packaging operations: in & out, and side to side.
  • Lightweight, modular design
  • Handles packages from 115mm2 to 565mm2 (length or width)
  • Handles package weights up to 15kg
  • Adapt to a new package size in 1 second (handle 30 packages per min)
  • Easily integrate into existing systems

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