MELSERVO-J5 Series Rotary Servo Motors from Mitsubishi

Melservo-J5 Series Rotary Servo Motors
Create new value with MELSERVO-J5. Unlock performance with a total drive solution. Maximize the performance of your system and equipment with MELSERVO-J5 total drive solutions. Created using a brand-new approach, this new-generation servo system contributes to reducing the TCO through improved productivity. Focused on improving total performance, the MELSERVO-J5 series servo system boasts industry-leading level basic performance. The high-speed, high-precision capabilities of MELSERVO-J5 help to increase the productivity of your machines.

MELSERVO-J5 Series Rotary Servo Motors Options:

HK-KT Series - Small capacity, low inertia
  • Servo motors with a 26-bit battery-less absolute position encoder
  • Rated speed: 3000 r/min *1
  • Maximum speed: 6700 r/min *1
  • Mitsubishi's product lines includes 400 V and flat type models. The servo motors have an all-in-one connector, making the connection simple.
HK-ST Series - Medium capacity, medium inertia
  • Servo motors with a 26-bit battery-less absolute position encoder
  • Rated speed: 2000 r/min *1
  • Maximum speed: 4000 r/min *1
  • The cables for the encoder, the electromagnetic brakes, and the power are equipped with one-touch lock.

MELSERVO-J5 Series Rotary Servo Motors Features:

Battery-less Absolute Position Encoder as Standard
  • Eliminate the Need for Purchase/Replacement/Stock Control: Servo motors come equipped with a battery-less absolute position encoder as standard, making it possible to configure absolute position systems without the use of batteries or any other options. Moreover, maintenance costs are reduced as a result of eliminating the battery replacement and stock control.
  • Reduce Wiring for Multi-Axis Systems: In a conventional multi-axis system, battery cables are necessary between the servo amplifiers. Now that the batteries are not required with the use of the battery-less absolute position encoders, wiring battery cables for multi-axis systems is not required.
  • Save Time in Transporting: Position data remains stored even when the rotary servo motors are disconnected from the servo amplifiers. Thus, control cabinets can be separated from the machines without losing the position data, making it easy to transport machines for use at a new location. The encoder does not require lithium batteries, allowing machines to be transported by air or sea without special handling.

Single Connector/One-Touch Lock/Single Cable Type
  • HK-KT Series: Single Connector/Single Cable Type/One-Touch Lock: The single connector for the HK-KT series combines the motor power supply, encoder, and electromagnetic brake into a single cable. The one-touch lock eliminates the need for tightening screws, making wiring easy. The servo motors are also compatible with the dual cable type. The cables can be mounted either horizontally or vertically according to your selection. The vertically mounted cables are planned for a future release.
  • HK-ST Series: One-Touch Lock: HK-ST series servo motors boast a greatly simplified installation process through use of the one-touch lock system. The one-touch lock can be used to mount connectors for the motor power supply, encoder, and electromagnetic brake, which eliminates the need for tightening screws. The HK-ST series is compatible with both straight and angle type connectors and also supports traditional screw-tightened connectors.

Expanding Combinations of Servo Amplifiers and Servo Motors
  • Increases Maximum Torque by Combining with Larger-Capacity Servo Amplifiers: It is possible to increase the maximum torque and achieve a shorter cycle time by combining the servo motor with a larger-capacity servo amplifier.
  • Drives Smaller Capacity Servo Motors: Servo amplifiers are able to drive servo motors with a smaller capacity than the servo amplifier being used, reducing the kinds of spare parts that are needed. For example, 400 W servo amplifiers are compatible with the following servo motors: 50 W, 100 W, 150 W, 200 W, and 400 W models.
  • Drives 200 V/400 V Class Servo Motors: The 200 V servo amplifiers can drive both 200 V and 400 V servo motors, and the 400 V servo motors may produce torque that is sufficient for operation when combined with smaller-capacity 200 V servo amplifiers. Lowering of the capacity of the servo amplifier contributes to lower costs and reduced installation space
  • Compact Servo Motors with a Battery-less Absolute Position Encoder: HK-KT series servo motors come equipped with a battery-less absolute position encoder and are more compact than the previous generation HG-KR series. Flat types are also available in the HK-KT product line, contributing to a compact machine design.
  • Improved Environmental Resistance: Servo motors feature enhanced environmental resistance. Ingress protection (IP) rating of the servo motors: IP67. Designed for an ambient temperature of up to 60 ℃.

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