Parker HMR Series Actuator

Driving Cost and Complexity Out of the Machine Design Process

Parker’s HMR actuator is specifcally designed for OEM’s, Machine Builders, and End Users looking for a heavy duty industrial positioner with the versatility to solve today’s hardest engineering challenges. This dual square rail guided actuator boasts two different drive train options and five different frame sizes along with a multitude of other configurable options, giving it superior loading capacity packaging in an extremely low-profile footprint, all with the intent of reducing overall design time and allowing for a clean and dramatically simplified integration into any machine layout.

Parker HMR Key Features

  1. Five different frame sizes ranging from 85mm- 240mm.
    The broad range of frame size options allows the user to maximize performance while minimizing the overall footprint.
  2. Maximized functionality- 2 different drive train options.
    By integrating two drive train options; a high ef ciency timing belt or a precision ball screw, the HMR allows the designer to cover a much broader range of design requirements from a single product family. Whether you need the speed and travel length of a belt drive or the precision and thrust capacity of a screw the HMR is truly optimized for any application.
  3. Two different extrusion profiles- Basic or Reinforced.
    The HMR comes standard with options for either a low-profile, cost-effective “Basic” profile for applications utilizing fully supported mounting, or a highly reinforced, rigid construction “Reinforced” profile for long un-supported spans.
  4. IP54 environmental protection with optional covers.
    The HMR can be con gured with or without IP54 protective covers that completely wrap the outside of the chassis and utilize Parkers best in class seal strip technology to protect the internal components from contamination.
  5. Internally protected sensor option.
    Parkers line of global sensor products are featured on the HMR. These sensors can either be mounted externally into a t-slot running the length of the frame, or internally mounted beneath the IP54 cover.
  6. Reduced overall maintenance through easy access lubrication ports.
    Designed with the user in mind the HMR integrates easy-access lubrication ports on either side of the carriage which pass lubrication directly to the bearing trucks and ball nut. This allows the user to lubricate the system without removing the cover assembly, greatly reducing maintenance time and complexity.

HMR Series - High Moment Rodless Linear Actuator

HMR belt driven actuators are designed for applications requiring high speed or long travel lengths. The belt driven version of the HMR gives OEM’s the freedom to mount the motor in any of four positions at 90 degree intervals around the axis of motion, allowing the engineer to capitalize on space utilization and adding true vale to the design process.

HMR ballscrew driven actuators are designed for applications requiring high thrusts or higher precision. The ballscrew driven version of the HMR offers 2 different lead pro les per frame size in order to maximize optimization of the drive train based upon throughput needs.

Download Parker HMR Series Datasheet

Parker Screw Driven Positioners and Actuators Brochure

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