FlexMove Pallet System Conveyors from Dorner

FlexMove Pallet System Conveyors from Dorner
FlexMove Pallet System Conveyors from Dorner
FlexMove Pallet System Conveyors from Dorner

FlexMove Pallet System Conveyor Features:

  • Accurate positioning and routing
  • Ideal for manual and automated assembly processes or inspection
  • Components sold as kits to allow for easy design changes and layout flexibility
  • Pallets sold as kits to allow fixturing or as completed assemblies

FlexMove Pallet System Conveyor Specifications:

Merge & Diverts:
  • Multiple Kits styles
    • Divert, Merge, and Merge and Divert
    • Multiple configurations including 45º, 90º and Parallel
  • Require pallet or puck stops to be used for product traffic control
  • Designed for use with Pucks and Pallets with the Pin Tracking System
  • Requires that the conveyor is equipped with guiding. Cutting and fitting of the guiding is required
  • Pneumatic diverter. The gate arm location is below the Pin
  • Tracking System, contacts the pallet base puck
  • Pneumatic diverter position is adjustable in both positions
  • Height of the divert arm is also adjustable

Lift & Locate Station:
  • 105 mm (4 in) Conveyors
  • ± 0.1 mm (0.004 in) accuracy
  • 91 kg (200 lbs) holding force
  • Includes 1 pallet stop (cushioned or non-cushioned)
  • Includes sensor mounts
  • Sensors and pneumatic valves optional
  • Max usable width = pallet width

  • 105 mm (4 in) Conveyor
    • 190 mm (7.5 in) wide
    • 100, 150, and 200 mm (4, 6, and 7.9 in) lengths
    • Max product load = 9 kg (20 lbs)
  • Aluminum base plate [13 mm (1/2 in thick)]
  • Thickness is dependent on load condition
    • (2) Hardened steel location blocks
  • Pin Tracking System
    • Pins guide pallet along conveyor
    • Pallet guide only needed on outside of loop
    • Pins provide accuracy at stop location
  • Pallets can be purchased as completed assemblies or as kits allowing end user to fabricate their own top plate
  • Bumper material available to reduce noise and vibration in accumulated pallets

Pallet Stops:
  • Pneumatic Stop
  • Available in Cushioned & Non-Cushioned Models
  • Capable of back to back pacing
  • Up to 45 kg (100 lbs) total per pallet stop @ 30 MPM (100 FPM)
  • Lower speed increases load capacity
  • Higher load options available
  • Sensor brackets available either on the stop or as a stand alone part
  • Optional stop position sensors available


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