Proximity Sensors for Washdown Environments

Omron E2E NEXT Proximity Sensor

E2E NEXT Proximity Sensor

Four times the sensing range prevents unexpected downtime and ensures operation in environments with dust, water, and oil with ratings of IP67/IP69K/IP67G in stainless steel and brass housings.


Omron E2A Proximity Sensor

E2A Proximity Sensor

Cylindrical brass housing features IP67 and IP69K for the highest water protection, high vibration and temperature change resistance and high electromagnetic noise immunity.


Omron E2A3 Proximity Sensor

E2A3 Proximity Sensor

Triple sensing distance for flush mounting requirements with stainless steel and brass housing as well as IP67 and IP69K for enhanced protection from harsh environments.


Omron E2EH Proximity Sensor

E2EH Proximity Sensor

Extreme heat (up to 120°C) and detergent resistant inductive sensors in cylindrical stainless-steel housing provide reliable metal object or machine part detection.

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