USAutomation Microstage 28

USAutomation Microstage 28
USAutomation Microstages: Tiny Cost-Effective Stages for Simple Applications

The Microstage 28 product line was designed with performance and price in mind. The basic housing of the Microstage28 is a precision machined extrusion. The motion mechanism is comprised of a precision lead screw, with an antibacklash nut, combined with a precision profile linear bearing, A NEMA size 11 motor (28mm square) step motor and antibacklash coupling are standard, and are included in the base price. End plate bearing housings, motor mounts are universal throughout the product line.

Options have been designed with economy in mind as well. Adjustable, optical, end of travel limits are mounted on an extrusion attached to the outside of the stage, with a flag mounted on the moving carriage. The powerful and easy to program Accuriss 28 easily replaces the standard step motor, and offers a standalone solution to many applications.

For multiaxis application, USAutomation offers standard XY, XZ, XYZ, and Gantry mounting brackets as standard options. Cable carriers, connectors and other modification are available upon request. If a special configuration is needed, we encourage such opportunities.
  • NEMA size 11 (28mm square)
  • Travel lengths from 10mm to 205mm
  • Anti-backlash lead screw nut
  • Rugged linear bearing
  • Step motor and anti-backlash coupling included
  • Short lead time on standard travel lengths
  • OEM application & modifications encouraged
  • Economically priced
  • XY, XZ, XYZ and Gantry mounting hardware optional
  • End of travel limits optional
  • Accuriss motors optional

Microstage 28 Product Drawing

USAutomation Microstage 28 Product Drawing

Microstage 28 Specifications

USAutomation Microstage 28 Specifications

Download USAutomation Microstage 28 User's Manual

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