WAGO MCS-MINI 2734 Series Multi Connection System

AirTAC GPR Series Precision Regulator
The levers on the WAGO MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM MINI (MCS MINI) provide rapid in-the-field connections. The connector’s design facilitates wiring subassemblies – easy-to-access and straightforward connection points - make all the difference at the worksite. With the MCS MINI PCB Connector, this advantage applies to conductor types with cross-sections from 26 to 14 AWG and a pin spacing of 3.5 mm. An added benefit: Extra board space is not required; giving WAGO’s PCB connection system the edge for device connections, such as drive controls.

In addition, the easy-to-close lever always provides safe contact while maintaining additional peace of mind. The lever’s intuitive operation helps ensure connections are performed
quickly and safely without tools. Users achieve additional safety with the versatile locking system.

WAGO MCS-MINI 2734 Series Multi Connection System Features

  • Easy to use levers
  • Pin spacing of 3.5 mm with a height of just 9.95 mm
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® Technology
  • 100% protected against mismating

WAGO MCS-MINI 2734 Series Multi Connection System Benefits

  • Quick connect or disconnect of wires
  • Able to be used in small spaces
  • Solid and fine stranded ferruled connectors can be terminated without having to open the levers
  • Prevents improper connections every time

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