Oriental Motor EAC Closed Loop AZ Series

Oriental Motor EAC Closed Loop AZ Series
The AlphaStep EAC Series electric linear actuators are quick and responsive and incorporate a ball screw design, offering high performance from low speed to high speed or with light loads or heavy loads, regardless of demanding operating conditions. Available in a straight type or reversed motor type and with a shaft guide and cover version also available, saves design time and parts. All AlphaStep EAC Series are available with an electromechanical brake ideal for vertical operations.

Oriental Motor EAC Closed Loop AZ Series Overview

  • Equipped with battery-free absolute encoder
  • Positioning information can be known without a sensor
  • High reliability using closed loop control
  • Reduced motor heat and reduced energy consumption through high efficiency design
  • Electromagnetic Brake available
  • AC or DC Input
  • Requires AZ Series Driver (sold separately)

Oriental Motor EAC Closed Loop AZ Series Features

  • Compact, High Thrust Linear Actuator
    Using aluminum for the rod, these motorized cylinders produce high thrust force despite their compact and lightweight body. The unique structure suppresses vibration to achieve improved acceleration characteristics and high-speed positioning operation.

    Compact, high thrust linear actuator


  • Flexible Installation
    This series is compact yet effective in handling high moment loads.

    Flexible installation


  • Space-Saving
    Maximum use of space is possible because the equipment doesn't interfere with the load. Equipment can be installed in contact with surrounding structures.

    Variable cable outlet direction


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