Parker I-Force Ironless Linear Motors

Parker’s I-Force Ironless Linear Motors offer high forces and rapid accelerations in a compact package. With forces ranging from 24.5 N (5.5 lbf) to 878.6 N (197.5 lbf) continuous up to 108.5 N (24.5 lbf) to 3928 N (883 lbf) peak, the I-Force family offers a superior combination of performance and size.

The I-Force patented I-beam shape with its overlapping windings allows for a higher power density in a smaller motor, improved heat removal, and added structural stiffness.

In addition, the ironless (or air core) linear motor design has no attractive force toward the magnets. This allows for easy installation and zero cogging during motion.

Ultra high-flex cables come standard with I-Force motors. In addition, Parker offers modular magnet tracks for unrestricted travel length. Incredibly smooth motion, high precision and high force density make the I-Force linear motors an ideal solution for your demanding positioning requirements.

No attractive force toward the magnets
  • Easier/Safer assembly and handling, smoother travel (no cogging)

Overlapping windings
  • Increased force density
  • Improved heat dissipation
  • Lower temperature rise
  • Smaller, less expensive motor

Uses thermally conductive epoxy together with the windings
  • Patented ironless motors design (RE34674) provides better heat dissipation

Vacuum encapsulation process
  • Allows motors to be used in high-vacuum environments
  • Rated at 10-6 torr, currently used in 10-7 torr applications

Modular magnet track
  • Precision ground 3-piece track
  • Unrestricted travel length
  • Two lengths of modular magnet tracks allow unlimited length of travel

Embedded overtemp thermostat or optional thermistor
  • Protects windings against overheating
  • Prealigned imbedded digital Hall effect devices
  • lnternal thermal cutout switch protects coil

Ultra high-flex cables
  • Longer cable life, good for millions of cycles

I-Force Ironless Linear Motors Advantages
  • No attractive force – balanced dual magnet track, safe and easy to handle, no force to deal with during assembly
  • No cogging – ironless forcer for zero cogging and ultimate smoothness.
  • Low weight forcer – no iron means higher acceleration and deceleration rates, higher mechanical bandwidth.
  • Air gap forgiving – easy to align and install

I-Force Ironless Linear Disadvantages Compared to Ironcore
  • Heat dissipation – higher thermal resistance, patented Parker I-beam design helps mitigate this issue (see below)
  • Lower RMS power when compared to ironcore designs.
  • Uses twice as many magnets which increases unit cost
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