AVENTICS™ Series PRA Profile Cylinders (ISO 15552)

AVENTICS™ Series PRA Profile Cylinders (ISO 15552)
The AVENTICS™ Series PRA (ISO 15552) cylinders have a compact design profile with integrated sensor slots. The Series PRA (ISO 15552) cylinders can be used for all industries. This includes general automation technology, machine and systems construction, as well as specific industry applications.

AVENTICS™ Series PRA Profile Cylinders (ISO 15552) Features

  • 6 mm T-slots and 4 mm C-slots allow for a large number of sensors to be mounted easily, quickly and compactly
  • Available in piston diameters from 32 mm to 125 mm
  • Modular sealing system allows for adaptability
  • Advanced pneumatic end position cushioning
  • Additional elastic damping elements
  • Wide range of variants and accessories available in the configurator

Download AVENTICS™ Series PRA Profile Cylinders (ISO 15552) Datasheet

AVENTICS™ Series PRA Profile Cylinder (ISO 15552) Accessories

  • Trunnion Mountings
  • Foot Mountings
  • Rod Clevises
  • Ball Eye Rod Ends
  • Flexible Couplings
  • Guide Units

Download AVENTICS™ Trunnion Mountings Datasheet

Download AVENTICS™ Foot Mountings Datasheet

Download AVENTICS™ Rod Clevises Datasheet

Download AVENTICS™ Ball Eye Rod Ends Datasheet

Download AVENTICS™ Flexible Couplings Datasheet

Download AVENTICS™ Guide Units Datasheet

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