Parker OSPE ST Trapezoidal Screw Actuator

The Parker OSPE ST trapezoidal (lead) screw driven rodless actuator is a cost effective solution designed for light to medium industrial applications requiring high thrust forces and self-locking performance at 10% duty cycle. The OSPE ST comes standard with an internal slider bearing guide, and is part of the Origa System Plus family, a family well known for high performance, high quality and low cost of ownership.

Parker OSPE ST Trapezoidal Screw Actuator Features

  • Parker OSPE ST Trapezoidal Screw Actuator
    3 bore sizes available: 25, 32 and 50
  • Max normal load = 1500 N (340 lbs)
  • Standard travel up to 2.2 meters
  • 0.5 mm bidirectional repeatability
  • Internal slider bearing guide standard
  • Externally attached bearing options for higher loads and moments
  • IP54 strip seal
  • 8000 km life rating


  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Packaging / Warehouse
  • Printing

Download OSPE Origa System Plus Belt-Driven and Screw-Driven Modular Electric Actuators Catalog

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