Whether you need push/pull motion or rotational motion, Valin has you covered. Cleanroom types and splash-proof/ dust-proof types available.

  • Actuators and Linear Motion
    Single Axis
  • Slider Type
  • Rod Type
  • Table/Arm/Flat Type
  • Gripper Type
  • Rotary Type
  • Servo Press
  • Linear Servo Actuator
  • Cleanroom Actuators
  • Splash-Proof/Dust-Proof Actuators
  • Ball Screws
  • Ball/Roller Rails
  • Smart Hydraulic



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Virtual Engineer - A new tool where users can easily enter application specifications (ex. speed, load, external forces) and quickly navigate to accurately sized product options.

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Motion Control and Automation
The Service from Valin has Always Been Excellent

Valin provides outstanding solutions and are very responsive to our needs.

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When we needed technical assistance and applications support, Valin was there for us. Their knowledgeable engineers saved us an invaluable amount of time, helping us get up and running quickly. We are very happy with their services.