ROBO Cylinder RCP5 with Battery-less Absolute Encoder Gives you the Convenience of an Absolute Encoder with the Cost and Simplicity of an Incremental Encoder

Submitted on Fri, 12/04/2015
The innovative battery-less absolute encoder operates through the combination of gears recognizing the rotational position data, which eliminates the need for a battery that is normally required for a conventional absolute encoder. This means there is no longer a need for battery replacement, as well as the associated costs and adjustments.

Added to the Series: Side-mounted Motor and Belt Types
  • Compatible to a maximum long stroke of 2,600mm
  • Equipped with a standard stainless steel sheet
  • 1.5 times higher in maximum speed and maximum payload

What is a battery-less absolute encoder?

A battery-less absolute encoder is an absolute encoder that verifies the current position based on the interlocked gear position. On conventional absolute encoders, the current position was stored by using a battery. A battery-less type is now available making a battery no longer necessary to keep data in memory.

Advantages of a battery-less absolute encoder:

Advantage 1:     More economical with no cost associated with battery replacement.
Advantage 2:     Battery replacement management is no longer required. Labor for replacement work is also no longer required.
Advantage 3:     Battery installation space is not required.
Advantage 4:     Operation can resume with no adjustment required even when the cable between the controller and the actuator is replaced because the positional information is read each time.
Advantage 5:     No external sensor, such as a sensor to check the origin, is required since home return is not necessary.
Advantage 6:     IAI’s slider type, even with the battery-less absolute encoder, is offered for the same price as the conventional incremental type.

Service life of a battery-less absolute encoder:

The mechanical configuration of the battery-less absolute encoder offers a service life that is approximately four times the actuator guide’s standard rating. Furthermore, it can be used with a sense of security because it will output an error when a certain amount of wear in the gear section is detected.


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