How to Achieve More Than Two Positions for the IAI EC Cylinder

As you may know, electric actuators provide a lot of benefits over pneumatic actuators. For example, you may be able to carry out different stroke lengths using software, or hardware such as a programmable logic controller (PLC). However, some electric actuators only come pre-programmed with two ‘stroke-length’ positions, intending to be cost effective without the software or hardware requirement.

This video will illustrate how to achieve more than two positions on the IAI EC Electromechanical Cylinder either with combinational logic or with time and combination logic features via PLC digital output.

Being able to program a ‘two-position pre-set electro-mechanical cylinder’ can provide flexibility of operation that is not typical of either two position pneumatic cylinders or most low-cost electric cylinders. This flexibility provided with lower maintenance and troubleshooting costs relative to pneumatic cylinder options creates a unique competitive advantage for those looking to solve complex motion control requirements on a strict budget. 

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