Process Control

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NITROSource PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators

NITROSource PSA Nitrogen Generators use advanced nitrogen gas generation technology to deliver low cost, energy-efficient nitrogen gas on demand.

Introducing Iwaki's MXM Series

Introducing Iwaki's MXM Series

Spectrex SharpEye 40/40 Flame Detector Series

The Spectrex SharpEye 40/40 series is an exciting range of flame detectors that incorporates the very latest features and approvals for today's industries!

TopWorx™ DXP Discrete Valve Controllers

TopWorx™ DX-Series Controllers are certified for use in every world area. D-Series discrete valve controllers can survive in virtually any plant condition.

Functional Safety Standards Drive Safety Related Control in Semiconductor Equipment

With mega fab construction accelerating around the globe, designers of new generation wafer processing equipment are following the lead of SEMI S2 and the European Machinery Directive by embracing functional safety standards like ISO-13849 for the design and integration of safety-related parts of control systems (SRP/CS) including the design of software.

Macnaught MX Series Flow Meter General Overview

Macnaught manufactures highly accurate, robust industrial grade Flow Meters for clean process fluid applications. Macnaught is the largest global provider of Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flow Meters and has been since 1964.

Pressure sensor with IO Link PNP or NPN Switching Output

The versatile model A-1200, which can be programmed flexibly via IO-Link, is a pressure sensor without display. It is used in pressure monitoring and also as a PNP/NPN switch for process control. The sensor combines convenient handling with continuously reliable measurement results, with highest economic efficiency.

The ASCO Series RCS Redundant Control System is a pilot valve system that solves many of the challenges those working in the process industry experience.

Macnaught MX Series ExD Flow Meter General Overview

Macnaught USA is pleased to announce our long awaited Explosion Proof / Flame Proof Oval Gear Flow Meter product line. Built on the legendary MX Series platform – accuracy remains at .5% of reading and .03% repeatability.

MT Series Turbine Flow Meter General Overview

MT Series Turbine Flow Meters provide proven flow reliability and high accuracy for clean process fluids. All MT Series Turbine Flow Meters are manufactured in the USA and are individually calibrated with a tagged NIST Traceable K-Factor attached to each meter. Cost Effective Industrial Flow Measurement.

Flowrox™ LPP Pumps - Advanced Single Roller Design

Flowrox™ solutions, entail more than 40 years of experience in flow and process control and elastomer technology.

Flowrox Valves

This animation includes both Flowrox™ pinch valves and knife gate valves.

Parker Tube Fitting Documentary - Phastite

For decades engineers all over the world have had to rely on either cone and thread or welded tube fittings when working with high pressures or applications where permanent connections are required.

Introduction to Phastool | Phastite® Permanent Ferrule Less Tube Fittings

Introduction to Parker's installation tool for Phastite Permanent Ferrule Less Tube Fittings.

Parker's Phastite® Permanent Ferrule Less Tube Fitting is a breakthrough in tube connection systems; its innovative design concept eliminates the costly requirement of welding and combines quick installation with a single assembly process achieving a tube connector that can be used in applications up to 21,400 psi/1,470 bar.

Parker Close Coupled Instrument Mounting System for Process Oil and Gas

Innovations in the design of primary isolation valves and manifolds for mounting pressure instrumentation can deliver enormous advantages to both instrument and piping engineers, ranging from significantly enhanced measurement accuracy, to simpler installation and reduced maintenance.

Parker R-Max™ Stream Switching System

The Parker R-max™ is a multi-functional system capable of integrating both stream switching and filtering into one unique compact assembly.

What Is NORSOK? Explanation and Description for Instrumentation

Clara Moyano, Innovation Engineer - Material Science at Parker Hannifin’s Instrumentation Products Division Europe, describes & explains NORSOK, the standard developed by the Norwegian Petroleum Industry. She talks about NORSOK M650 and M630, focussing on the qualification of manufacturers of special material and material data sheets for piping.

Process instrumentation and Control - Dual Instrument Mounting Monoflanges

Not all hardening processes are equal. Parker's Suparcase™ proprietary ferrule hardening process gives the differential hardness for superior grip and performance in various applications. Watch to discover Parker's invisible advantage.

What is Parker Suparcase Ferrule Hardening Process?

Not all hardening processes are equal. Parker's Suparcase™ proprietary ferrule hardening process gives the differential hardness for superior grip and performance in various applications. Watch to discover Parker's invisible advantage.

Instrumentation: Material Certification

Clara Moyano, Innovation Engineer - Material Science at Parker Hannifin’s Instrumentation Products Division Europe, describes & explains why heat, chemical & mechanical properties, info on production batch, and provenance, can be crucial for the quality and service life of steel.

Instrumentation: Small Bore - Expert Train the Trainer (Part 2)

Medium to high pressure cone and thread connections.

Instrumentation Group Material Selection – What to Take Into Consideration

Clara Moyano, Innovation Engineer - Material Science at Parker Hannifin’s Instrumentation Products Division Europe talks about material selection and what to take into consideration.

Instrumentation: 316 Stainless Steel versus 6MO

Clara Moyano describes and explains the different characteristics of 316 stainless steel and 6Mo, in particular their mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, welding properties and lifetime.

Parker's Hi-Pro Ball Valve for Performance and Reliability

Parker's high-performance two-piece bi-directional instrumentation Hi-Pro ball valve offers superior performance and reliability in some of the world's harshest environments.

United Electric Precision Sensors Division - Introduction

Connecticut based Precision Sensors, Inc. (PSI) has emerged as a best-in-class supplier for the semiconductor and aerospace industries.

How Parker Bestobell Cryogenic Valves Add to the Circular Economy

This video describes how and why the Parker Bestobell Cryogenic Valves contribute to the circular economy for industrial manufacturing. Increasingly frequent extreme weather events worldwide highlight the critical need to build a more sustainable future.

Instrumentation Increase Your Understanding of Small Bore Tubing Systems - Expert Train the Trainer

This training courses about safety and potential leakage causing unnecessary downtime at our end-user customer sites.

Ten Steps to Leak Free Instrument Connections

Achieving a leak-free connection in any environment is the Holy Grail for many piping and instrumentation engineers.

Parker's Superior Advantage

Fully Integrated Tube Connections for Instrumentation Valves and Manifolds.  How to reduce project costs and completion times through elimination of threaded connections within process instrumentation installations.

A LOK Assembly of Twin Ferrule Fitting With Preassembly Tool

Welcome, to the Parker A-LOK twin ferrule fitting assembly video when using a preassembly tool.

Semiconductor Industry Applications for Instrumentation Products

Within the Semiconductor Industry, Parker's PFA & PTFE Products are designed for use in Ultra High-Purity (UHP) and corrosive chemical handling system, including semiconductor fab.

Instrumentation Products Applied in Semiconductor Industry

Parker Veriflo's products are optimized for the semiconductor industry, designed for use in process control regarding gas & chemical delivery systems for equipment manufacturers and end users.

How to Safely Remove Plugged Monoflange for Process Instrumentation

How to: In Parker's latest video on Process instrumentation, they look at how to safely remove a plugged monoflange in a process to instrument application. This video clearly shows the safe removal of a plugged monoflange using an integrated Parker Monoball solution to enable the process pipeline to continue operation.

How to Select Instrumentation Tubing

Instrumentation Product Manager, Dave Edwards, details how to select the correct instrumentation tubing combinations for use with Parker A-LOK or CPI tube fittings using tube tables found in Parker Fittings, Materials and Tubing Guide.

How to Safely Remove Pressure Instrument for Calibration

Learn how to safely remove a pressure instrument for calibration or in-situ calibration using Parker's Pro-Bloc modular double block and bleed valve.

This video is a tutorial on how to assemble tube clamps for small bore instrumentation grade tubes.

How to Assemble the Hyferset for Two Ferrule Compression Fittings

This video is about assembling the Hyferset for Two Ferrule compression fittings.

 Parker Bestobell Cryogenic Thermal Relief Valve -Overview

This video provides an overview of the new Parker Bestobell cryogenic thermal relief valve with integrated double ferrule A-LOK connections.

Instrument Solutions for the Hydrogen Transportation Market

As the leading manufacturer in motion and control technologies, Parker offers a wide range of products suitable for use in the hydrogen transportation market. Parker A-LOK® two ferrule tube fittings are designed to achieve quality leak-free connections on board hydrogen-powered vehicles and are EC-79 Certified.

Parker EC79 Certificate Products for Use On Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

With its EC79 Certificate(s) on a range of products and As the leading manufacturer in motion and control technologies, Parker supports the energy transition and safe deployment of hydrogen as an environmentally friendly alternative fuel source.

Parker's Instrumentation and Hydrogen Solutions

Parker's Hydrogen Solutions range includes products suited to very high pressures and low temperatures, KOLAS, KS ISO and EC79-compliant products and hydrogen service testing options.

Hydrogen Systems: Ensuring Quality of Materials

This video explains how you can ensure that your Hydrogen systems are selected with quality materials. As a source of clean energy, hydrogen significantly contributes to a more sustainable future. However, it can embrittle poor-quality steel materials, leading to unexpected component failures.

Parker Instrumentation and Hydrogen Solution | Parker Hannifin

Hydrogen is becoming an increasingly attractive option for many businesses looking to reduce emissions. Parker's H2 range includes products suited to very high pressures and low temperatures, as well as KOLAS, KS ISO and EC79-compliant products and hydrogen service testing options.

Advantages of the IX Series Pumps Metering Pumps

This video highlights the advantages of the IX Series of metering pumps. The IX Series meets today’s demand for automated chemical delivery in industries from water treatment to chemical processes.

Inventory Management Video

Avoiding unnecessary downtime is critical and part of keeping operations running as efficiently as possible is having a good handle on the inventory required. From valves and gauges to sensors and filters, there is a multitude of different parts and pieces of equipment associated with an industrial environment.


Introducing Echoline by UE Precision Sensors for monitoring environment health and safety while improving wafer integrity and equipment safety.

Iwaki MX Series

The MX Series pumps represent the latest state of the art design in non-metallic magnetic drive pumps.

SMX pump

Iwaki self-priming SMX series pumps are an ideal alternative to air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps when pumping chemicals. 

WIKA InSight Glow™ High Visibility Dial for Pressure Gauges

The InSight Glow option uses a retro-reflective, photo-luminescent dial design that illuminates the entire front of the instrument dial for an extended amount of time when exposed to a light source for as little as 10 seconds. The dial appears bright white in darkness, fog, smoke, and fire. InSight Glow meets the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) standards for bright-white visibility in a power outage.

Submitted by Henry Hardee || Wika
Diaphragm Seal Overview: Basic Principle and Applications

A diaphragm seal makes measuring pressure safer and more reliable – even in extreme working conditions – and is ideal for protecting pressure instrumentation and process transmitters. Discover the basic principle behind diaphragm seals and when to use them.

Submitted by Robert Lukat || Wika
Pressure Sensor Accuracy

Three specific types of errors have a negative impact on pressure sensor accuracy. This easy-to-understand video from WIKA explains the difference between zero-point errors, span errors, and non-linearity.

Introducing Iwaki's EWN Metering Pumps

Chemical feed, as vital components in the treatment of water, metering pumps satisfying a diverse range of applications. Iwaki’s mission is to provide solutions for any application safety, accuracy fast and flexible support for the constantly evolving marketplace.

Kent Introl has a long history of designing and manufacturing valves that will need to cope with the most arduous conditions. Here, the team conducts final checks on an anti-surge valve prior to despatch.

Corey Foster demonstrates how Valin's products and services can tie into the concept of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Metso's Neles ND9000 is a top class intelligent valve controller designed to operate on all control valve actuators and in all industry areas.

Connect with the Walchem W900 Series controllers and enjoy unparalleled versatality in maintaining your water treatment options.

If you have a gauge that routinely fails on a piping system or even a pump and it's failing from vibration, that can tell you that the pump is misaligned or that the coupling on the pump is now going out in that it needs service.

WIKA parent company, WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG, created this video for this year's Hannover Messe, the world's foremost technology event.

United Electric One Series

This video demonstrates how to replace a standard mechanical switch with the solid-state One Series from United Electric Controls.

The desiccant breather replaces the standard dust cap or OEM breather cap on equipment, offering better filtration to protect against even the smallest particulates that destroy the effectiveness of your machinery, and cause downtime and costly repairs.

An overview of the industry applications for Rotork Instrument's products.

Iwaki's IX Series are digitally controlled direct-drive diaphragm pumps. Years of experience in high-end motor technology result in extremely accurate and energy efficient metering pumps with high resolution.

Walchem and Iwaki joined forces to develop the most innovative and comprehensive metering pump product line in the world. Iwaki metering pumps are designed for a broad range of applications, and are manufactured to the highest quality standards that exceed even the toughest customer expectations.

Learn how to rebuild a Walchem metering pump

Learn how to program a Walchem pump to run off a flowmeter in external mode.

In this video, Ray Herrera demonstrates how to properly identify an ASCO Solenoid Valve by showing how and where to find key information on the valve itself.

How To Repair an ASCO Solenoid Valve

In this video, Ray Herrera demonstrates how to repair an ASCO Solenoid Valve.

In this video, Ray Herrera demonstrates how to troubleshoot an ASCO Solenoid Valve.

In this video, Ray Herrera demonstrates the proper and safe way of replacing an ASCO Solenoid Valve Coil.

Valin’s Aviation Fueling Nozzle Rebuild Program

As part of Valin’s mission to provide unparalleled customer service and offer complete turn-key solutions to its customers, Valin offers its Aviation Fueling Nozzle Rebuild Program for its customers in the Aviation industry.  Turnaround times for airports to have their fueling nozzles rebuilt or replaced are generally very long.

For 40 years Valin has been a resource to our customers providing the knowledge and expertise to help make your process more efficient and more profitable. We have the skills and knowledge to assess your company and manufacturing processes, before coming up with expert solutions to your downtime issues.

How To Program a Walchem W600 Cooling Tower Controller

In this how-to video, Scott Severse demonstrates how to properly program a Walchem W600 Cooling Tower Controller.

In this video Rich Wilbur demonstrates how you can use tubing that you can measure, mark, layout, and bend. Check it out!