Semiconductor Industry Applications for Instrumentation Products

Within the Semiconductor Industry, Parker's PFA & PTFE Products are designed for use in Ultra High-Purity (UHP) and corrosive chemical handling system, including semiconductor fab. Made of UHP PFA & PTFE resulting in minimal generation of surface particulates and total organic carbon(TOC) as well as reliable performance.

Introducing the perfect partner who leads innovations in the semiconductor industry and evolves processes. Parker's products are used throughout the semiconductor process. In this video, we will look at products applied to gas, supply systems and chemical supply systems.

Specialty chemical delivery system generally consists of the chemical supply system and chemical valve box and slurry valve box, which are distribution devices. Parker provides a wide range of PFA and PTFE based fluoro polymer products for distribution monitoring and switching of ultrapure chemicals, corrosive chemicals and sub 100 PSI gases Parker's PFA diaphragm valve offers superior leak, integrity, and exceptional corrosion. Resistance is ideal for use in ultra-high purity and aggressive fluid applications. Parker, PTFE, regulators, tongue, and groove seal isolates processed media from the atmosphere and protects the spring and adjusting screw Let's. Look at the fitting part. PFA fitting is available in a variety of sizes and offers less surface particulates resulting in cleaner operation. You HP PFA needle valves are fully functional from 100 PSI G and offers excellent leak, integrity, and corrosive resistance. Parker's PFA and PTFE and partake products and chemical delivery can be used in custom integration of components into custom assembly. Valve assemblies, manifold style welded assemblies, surface mounts, special customer components are available. KC provides an efficient solution that increases throughput ensures media purity and reduces high outage times in cost sensitive production environments.

As a technical expert in gas and liquid delivery systems and processes for wafer processing, we can help you profit from today's developments while preparing for tomorrow's challenges.

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