Rotork Instruments North America - Markets Served

An overview of the industry applications for Rotork Instrument's products.

Precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control devices for:
- Natural Gas Extraction: Pressure regulators and transducers
- Natural Gas Transmission/Distribution: Pressure regulators, relays and transducers
- Water Purification: E/P - I/P pressure transducers
- Locomotive Horn Control: Electro-pneumatic pressure controllers
- Locomotive Compressor Unloading: Volume booster, pressure regulators
- Train/Locomotive Door Opening/Brake Controls: Volume Booster, Transducers
- Train/Locomotive Suspension/Traction Assist: Volume Booster, Transducers
- Marine Throttle, Rudder, Engine Control: Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Controllers
- Test Stands/Equipment Hydrostatic/Pressure Testing: Transducers and pressure regulator
- Test Stands/Equipment Engine Test, Leak Detection: Pressure Regulators and Transducers

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