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Swivellink Mounts

A quick review of the Swivellink mounting line.

Configuring a Machine Vision Mounting Arm - Swivellink

Configuring a Swivellink mounting arm for machine vision cameras, lights, sensors.

Packaging & Palletizing Transforming Tooling

In a changing world that is experiencing rapidly evolving demands for fulfillment customizations, Norgren is finding that their customers struggle to automate their systems to handle a high mix of products in palletizing and packaging operations.

Transforming Tooling Ready for Installation in a Press Room Destacker

Check out Norgren's latest Transforming Tooling project: this customer's tool has 16 arms, and is able to move to multiple configurations!

Introducing Cobot Intelligence's new standalone cabinet door sanding solution.

Valin and Mitsubishi Electric joined forces to bring the latest automation solutions to our customers in Arizona on August 7th.  On board the mobile showroom customers saw the latest technology in PLCs, drives, CNCs, motion control, HMIs, energy monitoring and management, industrial robots, and connectivity for MES and ERP applications.

Submitted by Tom Trinh || Valin Corporation
Demonstration on How To Setup IAI RCON Ethernet/IP Gateway to communicate with a PLC

This video is a demonstration on how to setup IAI RCON Ethernet/IP Gateway to communicate with a  PLC

United Electric Precision Sensors Division - Introduction

Connecticut based Precision Sensors, Inc. (PSI) has emerged as a best-in-class supplier for the semiconductor and aerospace industries.

This video is an example of the Rollon operating table base application.

Rollon Automated Storage Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon automated storage application.

Rollon Firetruck Generator Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon generator application.

Rollon Fresh Food Storage Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon automated fresh food storage application.

Rollon Generator Slideout Airport FBO and GSE Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon generator slideout airport FBO and GSE application.

Rollon Microscope Rail Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon microscope rail application.

Rollon Test Tube Filling Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon test tube filling application example.

Rollon Transfer Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon transfer application example.

This video is an example of the Rollon waterjet cutting application example.

Rollon Xray Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon xray application.

Emerson's Predictive Valve Maintenance Solutions for Digital Transformation | TopWorx

In this Bringing the Bits Together video, Emerson's Amit Patel and Jason Maderic discuss how the TopWorx predictive valve maintenance solutions help customers navigate the world of Digital Transformation to improve areas around production, energy, emissions, reliability, and safety.

Emerson Roadshow - Bringing You IIoT Solutions to Your Doorstep

In this video, Emerson's expert from their Fluid Control & Pneumatics Mobile Event explains how IIoT solutions enable customers to do predictive maintenance and improve throughput and energy efficiency.

Digital Transformation Workshop | How to Turn Data into Actionable Insights | AVENTICS

In this video, IIoT experts explain the types of actionable insights Emerson can give you during one of their Digital Transformation workshops, providing guidance and potential outcomes to benefit your business.

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness with Digital Transformation Solutions | AVENTICS

Emerson's Jan Grasedieck explains in this video how manufacturers can use IIoT solutions and analytics software to gain actionable insights to improve productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Digital Transformation

With the Industrial Internet of Things and digitization, opportunities to improve business performance are almost endless.

Dorner Lift Gate Conveyors Create Safe Walkthroughs and Maximize Usable Space

Dorner Lift gate conveyors are a popular solution for creating safe and fast walk-through access to maximize usable space. Take a look at this video to see some of Dorner's lift gate conveyors in action.

Dorner ERT 150 Pallet Conveyor

Dorner's precision edge roller pallet and tray handling conveyors provide efficient, non-contact zoning for small & light-load assembly automation applications. They feature a clean, open roller design and are ISO Class 4 approved for cleanrooms.

Dorner 2200 Precision Move Pallet Systems

Dorner 2200 Series Precision Move Pallet Systems are modular, dual belt pallet systems for automation assembly.

FlexMove Product Video

Dorner Flexmove Conveyors are ideal for part handling, tight spaces, buffering, accumulation and elevation changes. They're perfect for processing, packaging, assembly automation, medical, life sciences and more!

FlexMove Pallet Systems

Dorner FlexMove conveyors are available as completed conveyor systems for fast and simple, installation, or as parts for flexibility in design.

Dorner ERT 250 Conveyor - Edge Roller Technology for Pallet & Tray Handling

Dorner's precision edge roller pallet and tray handling conveyors provide efficient, non-contact zoning for medium & heavy load assembly automation applications.

2200 Series Belted and LPZ Conveyors

Dorner 2200 Series low profile, high performance fabric and modular belt conveyors feature a high speed nose bar transfer option, a durable single piece frame design, universal T-slots, and a wide range of belting and guiding options.

Dorner DTools Conveyor Configurator

Dorner Manufacturing presents DTools, the industry's leading tool for complete conveyor design.

7 Axis Articulated Robot Demonstration and System Configuration

This 7-axis articulated robot demonstration exclusively utilizes the AZ Series family of motors and actuators and driven by Oriental Motor's new AZ Mini driver.

Rittal HMI Support Arm Systems

Support Arm Systems can adapt machines to different angles and accommodate height variations of an operator, insuring efficient and productive performance. All system components for rotating, tilting, swiveling, raising and lowering are combined to provide flexibility.

Unboxing and Installing a Dual Ported Exhaust Kit to a Centura Chamber Pneumatic Manifold

The Valin Dual Ported Exhaust kit works with any manifold that includes the AVENTICS™ AV03 valves.

How to Change the IP Address of the Network Card on Your PC

This short video is going to show how to change the IP address of the network card on your PC.

What is a Servo System?

What a servo system is, why it is needed and the variations of their configurations.

Episode # 72: The Process of Sizing an Electric Actuator: A Basic Example

We work through a basic actuator sizing example with basic requirements to show what the process is like.

Cause of Vibration in Stepper Motors

When a stepper motor makes a move from one step to the next, the rotor doesn't immediately stop. the rotor actually passes the final position, is drawn back, passes the final in the opposite direction and continues to move back and forth until it finally comes to a rest. We call this "ringing" and it occurs every single step the motor takes.

What is AlphaStep AZ Series?

The AlphaStep AZ Series stepper motors offers high efficiency, low vibration and incorporates our newly developed Mechanical Absolute Encoder for absolute-type positioning without battery back-up or external sensors to buy.

Introducing Oriental Motor's PKP Series Stepper Motor Flat Type

Flat type stepper motors are light weight and reduce footprint for applications where space is limited, such as an index table.  Both round-shaft and geared versions are available.

Introducing Oriental Motor's PKP Series High Resolution Type

High resolution type stepper motors double the full step resolution of standard motors and provides smoother rotation as well as better stop accuracy.  See how they can help in a dispensing and an imaging application.

Introducing Oriental Motor's PKP Series with Electromagnetic Brake

The electromagnetic brake is located in the back and operates separately from the motor.

Equipped with Oriental Motor's compact reflective encoder technology, these stepper motors can provide feedback for motor position, speed, and direction for high accuracy closed loop operation.  See how they can help in a diverting conveyor application.

IXA High Speed SCARA with DDA Small Parts Pick and Place 00005 00006 Blur

IXA High Speed SCARA with DDA Small Parts Pick and Place 00005 00006 Blur

How to Use the IAI Servo Press, Mode 4: Speed Control Keep Incremental Load Stop

This short video is going to show how to use Intelligent Actuator’s “speed control-holding incremental load” motion mode on the IAI servo press product.

Episode # 58: Electric Actuators with Custom Stroke Lengths

Looking for an electric actuator with a specific stroke length?  We discuss the feasibility of producing custom stroke lengths using various technologies.

Industrial Tank Heating: Immersion Heaters

There are two main applications when it comes to tank heating- maintaining temperature or increasing temperature.  Temperature maintenance, is typically accomplished via external means like heat trace or with insulating blankets wrapped around the tank.

TM Robot Machine Tending a Pencil Sharpener

Machine tending is the automated operation of industrial machine tools in a manufacturing plant using robotic automation systems.

How To Use Waypoints on the TM Series Robot

This video shows how you can program a TM Series Robot to do waypoints.

TM Robot Series: Tips and Info

This video has a collection of tips for using the robot and the TMFlow programming software.

How to Calibrate the Camera on the TM Robot

This video will show how to go through the calibration steps for the Omron TM Robot equipped with integrated vision system. Performing the calibration creates a workspace that is used in creating the vision work flow.

This video adds to the program created in the video for manual pick and place to make it so that the robot can find the part and pick it up using the integrated vision system.

How to Program a TM Robot to Do a Simple Pick and Place

This short video will help you do your first pick and place application with the TM Series robot.

Swivellink's PLx

The PLx is a handheld device used for safety professionals to help validate the safety equipment on industrial machinery.

Kyntronics SMART Hydraulic Actuators (SHA)

Fusing the Power of Hydraulics with the Precision of Servo Control SMART Hydraulics Actuators (SHA) for the Metal forming industry.

The Motion Control Show Episode 25: The Effect of Moment Loading on a Solution's Lifespan

Valin’s Bruce Ng continues the conversation on what happens to the lifespan of an actuator when important moment-loading information is omitted in Episode 25.

The Motion Control Show Episode 24: The Effect of Moment Loading on a Solution

We've talked about loading and moment loading and what we need to know in order to size and select an actuator properly. Interestingly enough, what we do as Application Engineers is to help you fill in all the gaps, all the what-you-don’t-knows. So, I've asked one of our Senior Application Engineers, Kent Martins, to go through a sizing and show you what he does.

Valin Keeping our Essential Workers Safe with Actril Cold Sterilant

Recent events with the COVID-19 Virus has placed a spotlight on disinfecting and cleaning our personal areas and our work areas more frequently with reliable solutions. Actril™ is a ready to use cold sterilant, hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant solution.

The Motion Control Show, Episode 23: The Effect of Accuracy & Repeatability on a Solution

What happens if you use the incorrect terminology?  What if you say “accuracy” but need “repeatability”?  We interview Ray Marquiss in Episode 23 to find out.

The Motion Control Show Episode 22: Mitigating Risks in Mechanics

How do you mitigate your risks when sizing, selecting and designing mechanics?  How do you decide whether to make or buy your mechanics?  Here are some considerations.

The Motion Control Show, Episode 21: Linear Encoder Errors

You may be at the point of looking at adding feedback to your mechanics in order to make them more precise or to capture some of the errors I discussed last episode in Episode 20. But, you may also be wondering about some of the problems that can cause.

Actril™ & Minncare™ Cold Sterilant

Concerned about COVID-19 Coronavirus? Cantel recently had a third-party laboratory verify the efficacy of its Actril™ and Minncare™ Cold Sterilant on hard, non-porous surfaces. The test demonstrated a complete inactivation of the 229E human coronavirus strain in 5 minutes at room temperature when used according to label instructions.

The Motion Control Show, Episode 20: Do I need feedback?

I have a question for you:  Do you embrace linear encoders?  Or do you avoid them whenever possible?  Or are you wondering what a linear encoder even is?  After all this sizing and selecting of mechanics, and even designing your own mechanics, you might be considering putting a feedback device on there and whether you should or not.

The Motion Control Show, Episode 19: What do I need to know to select mechanics?

LOSTPED is an acronym where LOSTPED stands for Load, Orientation, Speed, Travel, Precision, Environment and Duty Cycle.  But, what does it REALLY mean?

Valin Engineered Solution

In this video you will see just a few of Valin’s custom engineered solutions. A complete list of solutions includes integrated automation, electrical subassemblies, motion control subassemblies, robotic solutions, custom gantry systems, custom server solutions, control panels, valve assemblies, nitrogen generators, filtration systems, and custom heating solutions. 

ATX West — See Industry 4.0 in Real Life

Are you implementing automation at your company? Do you need technical education and expert advice to make major business decisions? Whether you're an engineer working in aerospace, a C-suite executive in manufacturing, or any other type of professional looking for solutions to streamline operations, the Automation Technology Expo (ATX) West will give you the education and connections needed to make the right choices for your projects or business.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
The Motion Control Show, Episode 18: End of Travel and Home Sensors vs Absolute Encoders

A common topic when putting together a motion control system and a gantry is whether to use end-of-travel limit switches, home sensors or absolute encoders. This really depends upon the application. So, let's talk about the pros and cons.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
The Motion Control Show, Episode 17: The Holistic Approach

You cannot just start on the mechanics, pick the motors, pick the drives, pick the controls, pick the HMI.  First you must understand everything all together.  Since we're talking about mechanics, there's a few things we need to kind of jump on right off the bat.  To figure out the holistic approach, there's a lot more to it.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
The Motion Control Show, Episode 16: Take the Mounting into Consideration

When we size, select, and design gantry systems such as this one, we must make sure that we take into account the whole framing that this is going to be mounted on.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
The Motion Control Show, Episode 14 Don't forget cable management

A very important factor to keep in mind when sizing your gantry system is the cable management and cable lengths you'll need. If you think about it, we're going to need cables to span throughout every axis of motion.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
The Motion Control Show, Episode 13 How many motors do I need for parallel axes on my gantry

One of the things that can really trip people up with sizing and selecting a gantry system is whether they need one or two motors for the X and X-prime. In this video we will shed some light on this topic.

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
The Motion Control Show, Episode 15 Ballscrews vs Belt Pulleys vs Linear Motors

Back in Episode 6, I explained to you the different types of linear mechanics.  This included ballscrews, belt & pulleys, linear motors and even rack & pinion.  I get the question all the time: which linear mechanics do I use?

Submitted by Corey Foster || Valin Corporation
The Motion Control Show, Episode 12 - What does a gantry look like?

After taking a break from mechanics for a few episodes, we're returning to the idea of a gantry. But, you may wonder what a gantry looks like. For an explanation of that, we're going to turn to Valin’s own Michael Reynaud with a special animation by Valin’s Cassidy in order to show you what a gantry looks like.

Submitted by Corey Foster
The Motion Control Show, Episode 11 EMC Installation - Selecting a Mains Filter

I am continuing my conversation with you about EMC installation. We talked about electrical noise, where it comes from and how we control it. We talked about the reasons for Mains filters. Now I'm going to talk a little bit about how to select Mains filters and unfortunately, it's a real black art.

Submitted by Dillon Caruso
How to Set Up and Get Motion from IAI's Elecylinder

In this video, we'll show you how to set up and get motion from IAI's Elecylinder.

Parker NITROSource

A new way of thinking about nitrogen. A new source of sustainability. Advanced on-site generator producing nitrogen gas from compressed air to produce all the nitrogen you need.

Submitted by Corey Foster
The Motion Control Show, Ep 10: EMC Installation - Why Do I Need a Mains Filter?

Continuing on talking about electrical noise, I often times have suggested mains filters to customers and they say, “Well I'm not shipping my system to Europe so I don't need it.”  But there are very good reasons for putting a mains filter on your system even when you're not shipping it to Europe.  Let's take a look at this.

Submitted by Corey Foster
The Motion Control Show, Ep 9: EMC Installation - Preventing Electrical Ghosts

Today we're taking a break from all the mechanical topics we've been talking about and let's talk about an electrical one: electrical noise.

Submitted by Corey Foster
Specsmanship - Load ratings using bearning life curves

What is specmanship?  Why do we care?  Well, in case you haven’t noticed, the catalog specs are not always straight forward as they appear.  Let's look at a couple examples.

Submitted by Oriental Motor
AlphaStep AR Series

Oriental Motor's AlphaStep closed loop control systems perform accurate positioning operations with ease.

Submitted by Oriental Motor
AlphaStep AZ Series

The AlphaStep AZD-K Stepper Motor Drivers offer 24/48 VDC input voltage, high functionality and closed loop control.

Submitted by Corey Foster
The Motion Control Show Episode 7

We're continuing to talk about terminology and this time we're talking about rotary mechanics.  I’m Corey Foster of Valin Corporation.  Let's talk about this.

The Motion Control Show, Episode 1: Who Can Help Me?

This overview will help you to understand the differences between industrial automation manufacturers, representatives, distributors and integrators…and who you want to reach out to for help.

You may be wondering what the main components are that you need to make a motion control system. What are the minimum number of components you need?

Before we dive into the meat of the matter of sizing and selecting mechanics, there are some basic concepts we need to understand: namely the force, torque, moment, inertia, and axes of motion.

As we dive further into sizing and selecting mechanics, there are a couple of terms that are extremely important in understanding the requirements of an application.

We're continuing on with talking about some of the basic terminology and things you need to know in order to be able to size your own mechanics and gantry. We cover motion requirements and a summary at the end of the last several episodes.

We've been talking about a lot of different basic terminology.  Now we're going to talk about just some basic types of linear mechanics.

Parker Velcon salutes the Joint Inspection Group (JIG) and their members for their commitment to Aviation Fueling Safety!

Wzzard Mesh Gen 2 models have the ability to monitor temperature, humidity and vibration, and can accommodate virtually any industry-standard external sensors.

STOBER, a recognized leader in reliable engineering and uncompromised support. Their gearboxes for motion control and power transmission applications are built on German engineering and are specified, assembled, painted and shipped right here in Kentucky. But the true mark of reliability is proven over time.

Valin’s Aviation Fueling Nozzle Rebuild Program

As part of Valin’s mission to provide unparalleled customer service and offer complete turn-key solutions to its customers, Valin offers its Aviation Fueling Nozzle Rebuild Program for its customers in the Aviation industry.  Turnaround times for airports to have their fueling nozzles rebuilt or replaced are generally very long.

This video takes you step by step from deburring a piece of tubing, marking the tubing, making up the fitting, and pressurizing the fitting to show that it only takes one and a quarter turn to properly seal a fitting from leaks.

In this video Rich Wilbur demonstrates how you can use tubing that you can measure, mark, layout, and bend. Check it out!

Inventek Engineering presents The Fully Automatic Flexible Bottling System.