STOBER Introduces the KSS Series Stainless Steel Right Angle Gear Reducer

STOBER, a recognized leader in reliable engineering and uncompromised support. Their gearboxes for motion control and power transmission applications are built on German engineering and are specified, assembled, painted and shipped right here in Kentucky. But the true mark of reliability is proven over time.

That's the STOBER promise.

Durability in the harshest environments and an extended mean time to failure equals equipment reliability, zero maintenance and zero down time. STOBER's IP69K Certified and USDA Compliant gear reducers are made to order and shipped in one day. Their KSS series, like all STOBER products, comes with their 3 year standard warranty and unparalleled customer support that separates them from the competition.

These right angled helical bevel drives offer a higher input to output efficiency over conventional worm gear reducers. From STOBER's lubricated for life double input and output seals to their patented stainless steel double side busing, every detail is designed to improve durability and efficiency. The KSS Series can be mounted side to side, in parallel, overhung, and under the conveyor system to find the safest and best profile in the production line. It's stainless steel housing stands up to the rigors of any food and beverage environment. High pressures, extreme temperatures, and deep cleanings are handled with ease. Reduce your total cost of ownership with STOBER's modular gear systems, including the C, F, K, and PSS series. These customizable units are available for both NEMA and Servo Motor Inputs. Offering a wider range of configurations geared towards efficiency. From day one of design and development to a standard one day build and ship time and same day service and support.

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