Dorner FlexMove Product Video

Dorner Flexmove Conveyors are ideal for part handling, tight spaces, buffering, accumulation and elevation changes. They're perfect for processing, packaging, assembly automation, medical, life sciences and more!

Flexmove conveyors are capable of multiple curves as well as incline and declines on a single conveyor. Providing complete flexibility in design and layout. They're engineered to easily integrate with Dorner's other 2200 and 3200 Series low profile conveyor platforms as well as other machineries and conveyors. 

Flexmove solutions include alpines, helix conveyors, wedge elevators and twist conveyors.

With Dorner's standard flat top or friction insert chains as well as specialty chains including low friction conductive, cleated, roller top and magnetic top Dorner has a chain type to match your product and application requirements.

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