Packaging & Palletizing Transforming Tooling

In a changing world that is experiencing rapidly evolving demands for fulfillment customizations, Norgren is finding that their customers struggle to automate their systems to handle a high mix of products in palletizing and packaging operations. This is due to various reasons such as an increasing mix of products complexity and issues associated with labor. What if you could easily automate your process to handle any package that comes down your line? Norgren's adaptable end of arm tool is a plug and play solution with automated changeovers handling up to 1,800 packages per hour. The tool can adapt on the fly to handle any package coming down the line, it changes aspect ratio to easily go from handling Square to rectangular boxes and never exceeds the size of the package you're handling. So you don't have to worry about hitting the walls of the carton while you palletize Noegren's adaptable end of arm tool also integrates with vision or barcode scanning systems which allow live adaptability.

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