Episode #12: What Does A Gantry Look Like?

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The Motion Control Show

After taking a break from mechanics for a few episodes, we're returning to the idea of a gantry. But, you may wonder what a gantry looks like. For an explanation of that, we're going to turn to Valin’s own Michael Reynaud with a special animation by Valin’s Cassidy in order to show you what a gantry looks like.

What we have here is a five-axis gantry system utilizing Parker Hannifin’s HMR belt-driven actuator series. We have sizes 24, 18 and 11 of the series. Valin has sized these actuators specifically for our customer’s application. In addition to the mechanics, we have even helped size Parker Hannifin’s P-series servo motors, along with their PV-series gearboxes.

We have the HMRB Series size 24, that is holding a bracket, with the HMRB size 18 side-mounted on this bracket. We can also do other configurations, depending on your application requirements, with these side-mounted and this horizontally mounted or even both side-mounted depending on what your application calls for.

Here we have the HMRB18 side-mounted on our X and X-prime. Off the HMRB18 we have the HMRB11 mounted straight to the axis.

Here we have the HMRB11 on this gantry system. We've customized a bracket to hold our Stober gearbox and mount our motor to to provide our customer with a Theta-axis. For our cabling to get here, we have also included a bracket to hold our cable management system. This is for the brake and encoder feedback cables to the motor.

Thanks, Michael, for that great overview, and thanks, Cassidy, for that great animation.

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