Episode #14: Gantry Cable Management Basics

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The Motion Control Show

There's one area that people always want to try to cut corners on, to try to cut cost. It's the area that's going to cost them the most if they do. I'm Corey Foster of Valin corporation. Let's turn to our Michael Reynaud about cable management and see what we can learn.

A very important factor to keep in mind when sizing your gantry system is the cable management and cable lengths you'll need. If you think about it, we're going to need cables to span throughout every axis of motion. Starting with the Theta, we must go through the Z-axis, through the Y-axis, and then even through our X-axis, to get to our end. This is because the cables are going to be bending and flexing with every axis of motion. It's very important to have organized cables and with these cable carriers we're able to keep the cables organized. Utilizing high flex cables, we're able to help increase the cables life.

When doing our custom cable management systems, one of the things that we're able to account for is additional cables that our customers may have. In this particular case, we are adding extra space in the system so our customer can run an air hose system to their custom end-effector.

Thank you, Michael. So, this is probably making you wonder why cable management matters. Well, messy cables messy cables aren't fun to work with, they're not fun to look at, but most importantly, they can lead to pinched cables and worn insulation. That leads to the worst kind of problems you can have. These are intermittent problems. Intermittent problems may change with the speed, the distance, the location, the temperature, or all the above. These intermittent problems will be hard to find any rhyme or reason for them. They'll just literally make you pull your hair out. You really want to avoid them at all costs, so don't skip on the cable management.

I'm Corey Foster of Valin Corporation. I hope this helps.

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