Demonstration on How To Setup IAI RCON Ethernet/IP Gateway to communicate with a PLC

So what I'm going to show you is the live demo that I put together here. So what you see is these are the two actuators that I mentioned earlier in the presentation. Here's the IAI RCON gateway and the Ethernet port. So there are two Ethernet ports here. This Ethernet port is actually the Ethernet IP port that connect to my PLC. I'm using the SIO port with the USB converter and connect it to my computer and these are the two power and encoder cables here all right, and this basically connected to my 24 Volt power supply. All right on this side, if you look here at the bottom the RCON_Out[24] these are the control bits so I can turn on my servo as well as execute the position. Right now, So the servo was already on which is bit number 01234. Bit 4 is on. Okay. And I'm going to go ahead and tell it to go home which is bit one, which is this bit right here. As soon as it does that we're going to hit enter. This actuator will go home. All right. I'm going to go ahead and do that now and watch this.

There you go. You don't really need to home it. I'm just doing this just to show you because these actuators have the battery that's absolutely encoder, so you don't really need to home it. All right, Now I'm going to click back. At this point, I'm going to command it to go to, let's say, 41.23 millimeters. All right, here is the position width and I'm putting 200 millimeter per second at the acceleration and deceleration at .5 G. OK. So as soon as I change this bit, CSTR, it will take off and go to 41.23 millimeter. Here tt comes. There you go. Now if you looked up here this is actual current position where the actuator is. So watch this. I'm going to change this to let's say 15.21. Actually 15.21 means 15.21 millimeter. As soon as I flip this bit we actually will go to 15.21 millimeter and the current position will be updated here. All right. So let's do that and watch this right here. Yep. And the actuator did move to 15.21 millimeter. All right. Let's go to this actuator real quick. So let me. So right now that actuator is at 25.46. At this, I was commanded to go there before. I'm going to have it to go home, okay. So to do that I'm going to set the bit here, which is this bit right here. As soon as I do that, the actuator will go home and it will update it. This should be 0. Here we go. It's home. And also it is at 0. Beautiful. So let's command this to go to, let's say 41.89 millimeter. All right, we go back here and let's set this bit to zero first. Now I'm going to turn this bit on, which is CSTR. As soon as I do that, actually that will take off and that will be updated. Here we go and it's updated. The current position is now 41.89 millimeter. 

So that's how you set up the IAI RCON Internet/IP gateway to communicate to the PLC. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at  (855)-737-4716 and thank you for watching.