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V2A037TW TM AI Cobot Techman Robot Vision Solutions

Techman Robot is a leading brand of collaborative robots. We have the built-in vision and a native AI engine for robots to see.

How to Setup the Baumer Vision System Smart Camera Using a VeriSense Application Suite

This video illustrates how to set up the Baumer Vision System Smart camera using a VeriSens application suite.

Valin and Mitsubishi Electric joined forces to bring the latest automation solutions to our customers in Arizona on August 7th.  On board the mobile showroom customers saw the latest technology in PLCs, drives, CNCs, motion control, HMIs, energy monitoring and management, industrial robots, and connectivity for MES and ERP applications.

Rollon Firetruck Generator Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon generator application.

Rollon Telescopic Industrial Rails

Rollon’s Telescopic slides are robust while maintaining precision. They can handle the abusive life of reusable packaging automation with the accuracy needed for robotic inter

Rollon Automated Storage Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon automated storage application.

Rollon Fresh Food Storage Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon automated fresh food storage application.

Rollon Generator Slideout Airport FBO and GSE Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon generator slideout airport FBO and GSE application.

Rollon Microscope Rail Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon microscope rail application.

This video is an example of the Rollon operating table base application.

Rollon Test Tube Filling Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon test tube filling application example.

Rollon Transfer Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon transfer application example.

This video is an example of the Rollon waterjet cutting application example.

Rollon Xray Application Example

This video is an example of the Rollon xray application.

Emerson's Predictive Valve Maintenance Solutions for Digital Transformation | TopWorx

In this Bringing the Bits Together video, Emerson's Amit Patel and Jason Maderic discuss how the TopWorx predictive valve maintenance solutions help customers navigate the world of Digital Transformation to improve areas around production, energy, emissions, reliability, and safety.

Emerson Roadshow - Bringing You IIoT Solutions to Your Doorstep

In this video, Emerson's expert from their Fluid Control & Pneumatics Mobile Event explains how IIoT solutions enable customers to do predictive maintenance and improve throughput and energy efficiency.

Digital Transformation Workshop | How to Turn Data into Actionable Insights | AVENTICS

In this video, IIoT experts explain the types of actionable insights Emerson can give you during one of their Digital Transformation workshops, providing guidance and potential outcomes to benefit your business.

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness with Digital Transformation Solutions | AVENTICS

Emerson's Jan Grasedieck explains in this video how manufacturers can use IIoT solutions and analytics software to gain actionable insights to improve productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Digital Transformation

With the Industrial Internet of Things and digitization, opportunities to improve business performance are almost endless.

7 Axis Articulated Robot Demonstration and System Configuration

This 7-axis articulated robot demonstration exclusively utilizes the AZ Series family of motors and actuators and driven by Oriental Motor's new AZ Mini driver.

Rittal HMI Support Arm Systems

Support Arm Systems can adapt machines to different angles and accommodate height variations of an operator, insuring efficient and productive performance. All system components for rotating, tilting, swiveling, raising and lowering are combined to provide flexibility.

Unboxing and Installing a Dual Ported Exhaust Kit to a Centura Chamber Pneumatic Manifold

The Valin Dual Ported Exhaust kit works with any manifold that includes the AVENTICS™ AV03 valves.

How to Change the IP Address of the Network Card on Your PC

This short video is going to show how to change the IP address of the network card on your PC.

What is a Servo System?

What a servo system is, why it is needed and the variations of their configurations.

Episode # 72: The Process of Sizing an Electric Actuator: A Basic Example

We work through a basic actuator sizing example with basic requirements to show what the process is like.

Cause of Vibration in Stepper Motors

When a stepper motor makes a move from one step to the next, the rotor doesn't immediately stop. the rotor actually passes the final position, is drawn back, passes the final in the opposite direction and continues to move back and forth until it finally comes to a rest. We call this "ringing" and it occurs every single step the motor takes.

What is AlphaStep AZ Series?

The AlphaStep AZ Series stepper motors offers high efficiency, low vibration and incorporates our newly developed Mechanical Absolute Encoder for absolute-type positioning without battery back-up or external sensors to buy.

Introducing Oriental Motor's PKP Series Stepper Motor Flat Type

Flat type stepper motors are light weight and reduce footprint for applications where space is limited, such as an index table.  Both round-shaft and geared versions are available.

Introducing Oriental Motor's PKP Series High Resolution Type

High resolution type stepper motors double the full step resolution of standard motors and provides smoother rotation as well as better stop accuracy.  See how they can help in a dispensing and an imaging application.

Introducing Oriental Motor's PKP Series with Electromagnetic Brake

The electromagnetic brake is located in the back and operates separately from the motor.

Equipped with Oriental Motor's compact reflective encoder technology, these stepper motors can provide feedback for motor position, speed, and direction for high accuracy closed loop operation.  See how they can help in a diverting conveyor application.

IXA High Speed SCARA with DDA Small Parts Pick and Place 00005 00006 Blur

IXA High Speed SCARA with DDA Small Parts Pick and Place 00005 00006 Blur

How to Use the IAI Servo Press, Mode 4: Speed Control Keep Incremental Load Stop

This short video is going to show how to use Intelligent Actuator’s “speed control-holding incremental load” motion mode on the IAI servo press product.

TM Robot Machine Tending a Pencil Sharpener

Machine tending is the automated operation of industrial machine tools in a manufacturing plant using robotic automation systems.

How To Use Waypoints on the TM Series Robot

This video shows how you can program a TM Series Robot to do waypoints.

How to Program a TM Robot to Do a Simple Pick and Place

This short video will help you do your first pick and place application with the TM Series robot.

This video adds to the program created in the video for manual pick and place to make it so that the robot can find the part and pick it up using the integrated vision system.

How to Calibrate the Camera on the TM Robot

This video will show how to go through the calibration steps for the Omron TM Robot equipped with integrated vision system. Performing the calibration creates a workspace that is used in creating the vision work flow.

TM Robot Series: Tips and Info

This video has a collection of tips for using the robot and the TMFlow programming software.

Swivellink's PLx

The PLx is a handheld device used for safety professionals to help validate the safety equipment on industrial machinery.

Kyntronics SMART Hydraulic Actuators (SHA)

Fusing the Power of Hydraulics with the Precision of Servo Control SMART Hydraulics Actuators (SHA) for the Metal forming industry.

Valin Engineered Solution

In this video you will see just a few of Valin’s custom engineered solutions. A complete list of solutions includes integrated automation, electrical subassemblies, motion control subassemblies, robotic solutions, custom gantry systems, custom server solutions, control panels, valve assemblies, nitrogen generators, filtration systems, and custom heating solutions. 

ATX West — See Industry 4.0 in Real Life

Are you implementing automation at your company? Do you need technical education and expert advice to make major business decisions? Whether you're an engineer working in aerospace, a C-suite executive in manufacturing, or any other type of professional looking for solutions to streamline operations, the Automation Technology Expo (ATX) West will give you the education and connections needed to make the right choices for your projects or business.

Parker NITROSource

A new way of thinking about nitrogen. A new source of sustainability. Advanced on-site generator producing nitrogen gas from compressed air to produce all the nitrogen you need.

Submitted by Oriental Motor
AlphaStep AR Series

Oriental Motor's AlphaStep closed loop control systems perform accurate positioning operations with ease.

In this video Rich Wilbur demonstrates how you can use tubing that you can measure, mark, layout, and bend. Check it out!

This video takes you step by step from deburring a piece of tubing, marking the tubing, making up the fitting, and pressurizing the fitting to show that it only takes one and a quarter turn to properly seal a fitting from leaks.