NITROSource PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators

NITROSource PSA Nitrogen Generators use advanced nitrogen gas generation technology to deliver low cost, energy-efficient nitrogen gas on demand. NITROSource on-site nitrogen gas generation systems enable users to produce their total requirement for nitrogen gas on their own premises. Meaning companies can generate as much nitrogen as necessary at a fraction of the cost.

  • Energy saving technology - matches compressed air flow to the nitrogen outlet flow. Resulting in a reduction in compressed air use, which sequentially lowers energy consumption and saves operational costs.
  • Lower cost maintenance, extensive working life - the Carbon Molecular Sieve, the ‘engine’ of the generator delivers nitrogen more efficiently, leading to a very long working life – and major savings on maintenance.
  • Availability of five year extended warranty - offering the assurance of no unexpected maintenance costs and maximised factory up-time.*
  • Industry compliance - food and pharmaceutical safe, in line with European statute (EIGA) and the USA Food & Drugs Administration (FDA Article 21) and Pharmacopeia compliance.
  • Unique gas quality control system
  • Remote monitoring - enabling connection to proprietary remote management and the generator control systems to control and track gas parameters from a central location
  • Easily upgradable supply - simply add extra generators as the application requirement grows.

NITROSource is appropriate for manufacturers and producers in a wide range of industries:
  • Food production, processing, storage and packaging - snacks, dairy, grated cheese, milk powder coffee, edible oils
  • Beverage and bottling
  • Pharmaceuticals - primary and secondary manufacturing, centralised laboratory, inert storage and packaging
  • Materials processing - laser cutting, heat treatment and composite manufacturing
  • Electronics

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