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Avoiding unnecessary downtime is critical and part of keeping operations running as efficiently as possible is having a good handle on the inventory required. From valves and gauges to sensors and filters, there is a multitude of different parts and pieces of equipment associated with an industrial environment.

Often numbering in the thousands, every part has its own history and requirements. When a part needs to be replaced, someone at the location not only needs to know this, but also be assured that a replacement part is on hand and easy to locate.

That’s where Valin comes in.

Valin’s team of dedicated specialists are here to help you 24/7 with your inventory management, bin stocking, purchasing, and technical application needs.

With a broad product offering, Valin can consolidate your supplier base to reduce transactional costs and associated labor.

Verified inventory and spend reduction is communicated through scheduled progress reports and inventory reduction targets are achieved through more frequent fulfillment services.

Look at what our customers are saying about this program!

"Valin’s Inventory Management System has been such an effective tool for us, that I truly can’t believe we went so long without it. Valin takes on the burden of daily inventory checks and purchasing and allows us to concentrate on what we do best.  Our maintenance personnel doesn’t need to burn time looking for parts, and we don’t have to deal with the lead time of ordering a part that we should have ordered days or weeks ago.  All of the headaches that come along with that part of the job is now gone thanks to Valin’s system.  Not to mention it saves money over time and allows us to do analysis on a location-level and we’re able to recognize and fix any process-related issues that are revealed.  I can’t recommend this enough.” - Refinery Technician

Valin offers flexible inventory location solutions with on-site Vidmar, Bin, Knack Box or Connex systems. We also stock our own warehouses with frequently used items.

Inventory levels are monitored by Valin personnel on a regular basis with just-in-time delivery and a replenishment schedule based on our customer’s needs.

Valin provides technical and application support, on-site or virtual training, on-site safety, assembly and troubleshooting and leak audits.

Our automated order management system allows customers to integrate with our e-Procurement system for seamless ordering. We also provide reporting, usage reviews and will scheduled audits at your request.

Our dedicated support team provides 24/7 support with product availability, field service, turnaround maintenance and outage support and field inventory support.

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