Low Differential Pressure for Semiconductor Safety UL991

Introducing Echoline by UE Precision Sensors for monitoring environment health and safety while improving wafer integrity and equipment safety. Wherever there is a safety risk and a wafer fab there are usually dangerous chemicals and gases to be monitored along with controlling clean room pressure and air exhausts for decades. Diaphragm gauges have been used until they were replaced by microprocessor based devices however these devices do not meet semi safety requirements and exhibit functional limitations. Discover the technology that has been designed to meet all requirements an ultra reliable low pressure monitor that accurately controls positive pressure in clean rooms and negative pressure in exhausts. Echoline offers high and low pressure limits monitoring and indicates alarm status through leds. It features an auto diagnostic electronic circuit health output or echo circuit that controls the fail safe or dry contact alarm with new high density gas boxes operating in very low pressure ranges. Safety requires high stability Echoline optimizes exhaust systems while reducing fab operational costs and down times while preventing sensor redundancy and costly shutdowns. Echoline is capable of sensing ranges as low as negative zero five inches of water column or three pascal's detection and offers ul 991 certification. It provides software free operation with a 100 percent analog design it balances the mini environment and detects any ffu drift to prevent wafer contamination in vacuum cluster tools. Echoline is used for gate valve protection and eliminating the risk of by-product contamination. Safety does not happen by accident design safe tools and maintain wafer integrity state-of-the-art fabs with Echoline by UE precision sensors.

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