IAI's RCS3 Servo Press Compact and Low-thrust Rod-type Actuator

The servo press specification has been expanded. With a load cell equipped as a standard feature, precision push force control is now possible, which is typically difficult for oil-hydraulic equipment.

The servo press provides superior stop stability while pressing, making them ideal for push-motion operation and other applications that require strong push-force, such as press fitting and riveting work.

High-precision loading repeatability of ±0.5% is possible using the feedback data from the dedicated load cell installed in the actuator.

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Increased Lineup

RCS3 side-mounted motor rod types have been added, from a 200N to 50,000N range. The large variety of models allows you to pick models that suit your applications.



Load Cell Servo Press Programming Feature is Available in the ROBO Cylinder® Software

With the Press Programming feature in the RC software, one of two control methods, "Speed Control" or "Force Control", can be selected. In addition, one of four stop conditions, "Position", "Distance", "Load", or "Incremental Load", can be selected as the method for stopping. By utilizing a total of eight types of press methods, it is possible to handle a variety of press operations.


Download IAI RCS3 Servo Press Series with Load Cell

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