Parker Electric Actuators: Customization Guide

Have you found an actuator that mostly fits your application, but it does not quite fit all of your needs?  Then ask about customizing electric actuators.  There are some common ways to customize actuators for which Parker Electromechanical has an arsenal of products and experience to pull from to meet such needs.  A large percentage of the products we deliver are built in non-standard configurations.  Here is a customization guide of what products to look at first for various special requirements.

Customize Stroke Lengths

Usually, a custom stroke length is for extra-long travel distances.  Sometimes it is to stuff a product into a tight spot.  Here are options to start with:

Prepare for a Vacuum Environment 

Applications in vacuum environments are typically solved with one of the product series below with the XR ballscrew and Trilogy linear motor stages being the most popular for that environment.  Since the requirements for every vacuum environment is different due to the varying sensitivity to materials in the process, we’ll have a list of questions for you to answer in order to make sure we meet your needs.

Prepare for Cleanroom Environments

Cleanrooms have particular requirements, but the application sensitivity and airflow varies which gives us the chance to better qualify various products for the solution.  But, a fantastic place to start is:

Modify for Corrosive Environments

Corrosive environments are very tough for mechanics, but many products have components that can be substituted for stainless steel versions to make them more resilient to corrosive chemicals.  Typical series to start with include:

Approve for Explosion Proof or Hazardous Locations

Hazardous locations have more concerns with the motors and electronics than they do the mechanics, but there is one series we can start with above the others.

Assemble in Multi-Axis Configurations

Just about any actuator can be used in multi-axis systems.  Adapter plates and other mounting just may need to be designed.  But, Parker has certain series that make multi-axis configurations easier with dowel pins and other design details.  These products include their:

Counter-Balance Linear Motors for Vertical Applications

Some of these solutions have standard offerings which can still be customized further.  Some of them are custom from the start.  Either way, these series are good ones to start with:

Other Common Customizations And Suggested Product Solutions

Radiation Hardened

The level of radiation exposure will dictate the types of customizations needed which can include replacing hardware with stainless steel options, using steel retainers instead of plastic in ballscrews and bearings, using radiation appropriate lubrication, and possibly limiting eletronic devices.
  • Linear Screw Driven
    • XR Series (404/406 & 412 only)
  • Rotary
    • RM
    • RT

Parallel Motor Mounts

Wrap-around motor mounts save space by shortening the overall length of actuators.  These series offer that option much better than others:

Air Ports

Whether it is for pressurizing an actuator to keep junk out, or pulling air to get junk out, a port for an air connection can be very useful.  A few products to start with include:

Specialized Grease

Whether it is for cleanroom, food grade, or extreme temperatures, some products to start with include:


For that extra assurance of performance, encoders are often used.  These products can provide that assurance:

Additional Carriage

Typically for being able to handle larger loads, additional carriages can be considered on these products…